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The Daily Caller actually thinks Ted Cruz won this argument – but really, he got Bern’d!

October 19, 2017

Bernie Sanders Shines As Ted Cruz Watches Two Of His Own Biggest Lies Gets Exposed Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted…

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Ted Cruz, American Jerk: 5 Adult Videos We All Would’ve Guessed Ted Cruz Was Watching

September 12, 2017

Ted Cruz And The Late-Night Twitter Jerk Heard ‘Round The World Politicians and sex-related scandals go together like pumpkin pie…

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Hurricane Harvey Exposes the Staggering Hypocrisy of Selfish Scumbag Ted Cruz

August 28, 2017

ted cruz is a disgrace to this country There was a time when Ted Cruz was a serious potential contender…

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WATCH: Wanda Sykes Nails how Sally Yates ‘Slapped the Sh*t out of Ted Cruz’ in Can’t Miss TV Segment

May 9, 2017

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz stumbled through his questions to former acting Attorney General Sally Yates who appeared before Congress on Monday.…

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Sally Yates Just Made Ted Cruz Look Like a Complete Buffoon at the Trump/Russia Senate Hearing (VIDEO)

May 8, 2017

Monday afternoon the Senate judiciary Committee met for hearings on Donald Trump’s connections to Russia during his campaign and into…

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Whoops! Watch Ted Cruz Hit His Wife In The Face After Loss

May 5, 2016

Ted Cruz Drops Out Of Race, Nearly Dropping His Wife In The Process I’m not going to lie: when I…

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BREAKING: Ted Cruz Suspends Presidential Campaign (VIDEO)

May 3, 2016

Cruzing Past The Nomination  Ted Cruz witnesses reality and suspends his candidacy as the Republican nominee for president. Huffington Post reports Ted…

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LULZ: Ted Cruz Discovers That Delegates Pick VP At Contested Convention (VIDEO)

April 30, 2016

Donald Trump took ninety delegates in his big win in the Republican primary in New York, in that same race John…

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Stephen Colbert Lampoons Ted Cruz’s Choice Of ‘Losing Mate’

April 29, 2016

Cruz Will Lose, Even With Fiorina At His Side Ted Cruz recently announced that Carly Fiorina will be his running-mate,…

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Ted Cruz Defends Fired Bigot And Unleashes Transphobic Rant (VIDEO)

April 22, 2016

Ted Cruz Uses Curt Schilling Firing To Get Support While Bashing Transgender Community With his hopes of winning the Republican…

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