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Edward Lynn is a photographer, a graphic and web designer, a writer, an activist, a son, a brother, and a parent, just trying to do some good in the world we all have to live in. More posts by Edward Lynn.

‘FUCK TRUMP!’ – Watch Celebs Cheer Wildly As DeNiro Destroys Trump in Just Two Words

June 11, 2018

Legendary actor drops biggest F bomb in history right on Trump's head!

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This Hero Took A Knee at Trump’s BS Patriotism Charade And The Internet Loves Him!

June 5, 2018

The "Be This Guy" hero of our time has emerged!

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Mueller Busts Manafort Trying to Tamper with Witnesses

June 4, 2018

Does an innocent man tamper with witnesses?

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Accept ‘Blob Fish’ Ted Cruz’s ‘Ring Ball’ Challenge

June 2, 2018

...and somehow a naked Shaquille O'Neal is involved...

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