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A very happy stay-at-home dad with a Master's in Poly Sci which qualifies him for asking an endless number of questions on issues and having no answers.

Latest State To Take Medicaid Expansion Saving So Much It Will Blow Your Mind

April 21, 2016

Louisiana Gets On Board With Medicaid Expansion And It Will Save The State $1 Billion Less than 48 hours after…

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Black Army Veteran’s Family Seeks Justice After Horrific Death In County Jail

April 20, 2016

Elliot Williams Suffered A Death In Tulsa County Jail No One Should Ever Be Subjected To Elliott Williams entered a Tulsa…

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UnitedHealth Obamacare Exit Proves Need For Single-Payer, Just Ask The CEO

April 19, 2016

CEO Stephen Hemsley Admits Company Can’t Cover Sick People UnitedHealth announced in an earnings call today it will be exiting…

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Donald Rumsfeld Still A War Criminal And His Tweets Will Infuriate You

April 19, 2016

War Criminal DONALD RUMSFELD Tweets About Flat Tax And Some Maniacal Rhetoric On Terrorism Just in case anyone needed the…

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You’ll Never Believe The Idiotic Reason Men Are Angry At Video Game

April 18, 2016

Video Game ‘Rust’ Randomly Assigns Gender And Race And White Men Unleash Sexism The popular video game Rust was released…

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This Foreign Policy Blunder Could Sink The Clinton Campaign — If Voters Care

April 16, 2016

Mistakes Made By Hillary Clinton On Honduras Military Coup Should Haunt Her Campaign, But They Won’t At this moment, Hillary…

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Donald Trump 2 Points Away From Achievement You Won’t Believe

April 14, 2016

Donald Trump On His Way To Being Most Hated Candidate In Over Three Decades The train wreck that is the…

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Declassified Documents Show US Ally Funded Terror Attack On US Base

April 13, 2016

Cable States Pakistan CIA-equivalent, ISI, Directly Funded Camp Chapman Terrorist Attack A declassified cable was posted by George Washington University…

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State AG Slams Tea Party Governor With Lawsuit Over Abuse Of Power

April 12, 2016

Republican Tea Party Governor Matt Bevin Accused Of Blatant Abuse Of Power Kentucky Tea Party Governor Matt Bevin has been…

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Trump Convention Manager Deflects Threat To Delegates By Trump Loyalist

April 11, 2016

Paul Manafort Declines Condemnation Of Threat To Republican Convention Delegates By Roger Stone The battle between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz…

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