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Chris Hearn is an ageing freelance writer located in wintery Winnipeg. He is a stay-at-home-parent, amateur stand-up comedian, and a guy with a lot of opinions, much to everyone's dismay.

Trumpism Failed Its First Major Litmus Test: Lessons From The Quebec Terror Attack (VIDEO)

February 15, 2017

It’s Time For Conservatives To Re-Evaluate After Their Failure In The Wake Of The Quebec Mosque Terror Attack n the evening…

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Refugees Flee Trump’s America, Making Dangerous Crossing Into Canada (VIDEO)

February 13, 2017

The US Is No Longer A Safe Country For Refugees And Asylum Seekers So Some Are Heading North To Canada…

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TRADE WAR: Trump In For Rough Ride As Canada Promises They Won’t Back Down (VIDEO)

February 10, 2017

Trump’s Tough Talk On Trade Isn’t Going To Be One Sided As Canada Promises To Stand Up To The New…

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2020 Hindsight: Lawmakers Push For Mandatory Tax Return Disclosure For Candidates After Trump Win

February 8, 2017

Trump’s Refusal To Release His Tax Returns Is Prompting States To Take A Stand There is so much frustration and…

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FACT CHECK: Donald Trump Says Murder Rate Is At 45 Year High. Here’s The Truth

February 7, 2017

Facts? Who Needs Facts? Not Donald Trump, That’s For Sure Donald Trump continues to push alternative facts with no sign…

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HELP WANTED: Immigrants For Cheap Labor, US Citizens Need Not Apply – Ask For Donald Trump

February 2, 2017

Trump’s ‘America First’ Policy Seems To Apply To Everyone But Him Donald Trump seems to be very much a “Do…

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Trump’s Latest Trade War Target Goes Beyond Building Walls, To Burning Bridges

January 31, 2017

Trump Seems Hellbent In Turning Allies Into Enemies In Order To Push His America First Trade Agenda It seems that…

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Trump Advisor: Movement To Save Earth From Climate Change Poses ‘Greatest Threat to Freedom’

January 30, 2017

Myron Ebell Proves Once Again He Should Have Never Had Anything To Do With The EPA The man responsible for…

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Trump Orders Government Sanctioned ‘Black Crimes’ List To Stoke Anti-Immigrant Fear

January 26, 2017

The Worst Actions Of America’s History Are About To Be Repeated Under Donald Trump POTUS Trump’s ugly war on immigrants…

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