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Bruno Moore is a 2 time Democratic candidate for Florida State Senate. With a background in broadcasting he became most well known for his signature style of traffic reporting in South Florida before getting into politics in 2012. Between them he and his wife Megan have 5 children.

Trump’s New Comms Dir. Just Outed His ‘Anonymous’ Source on CNN – You’ll be Shocked Who it is!

July 23, 2017

Because Trump only hires “the best people” White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has a problem with anonymous sources. Just…

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High Caliber Idiocy: The Gun Nuts Losing Their Sh*t Over Anti-NRA March Are Missing the Target

July 16, 2017

The Right can’t tell the difference between armed idiots and professionally trained men A Breitbart article today about the Women’s…

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Trump’s Sunday Tweet About His Approval Rating is Complete, Total, Delusional Horsesh*t

July 16, 2017

FACT: Donald Trump’s approval rating is the lowest 6-month rating in decades Donald Trump was up early this morning, using…

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As Exploding Russian Scandal Careens Towards Treason, Donald Trump Plans Long Vacation

July 11, 2017

WH Aide says trump is ‘crushing it’ Apparently, despite his earlier criticism of Obama’s penchant for golf, the Commander-In-Chief needs…

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Putin Goads Trump, Uses G20 Photo-op to Incite Further Attacks on Journalists and the Media

July 9, 2017

‘These are are the ones hurting you?’ At a photo-op during this year’s G20 Summit in Germany, Donald Trump and…

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Expert Warns Trump’s Voter Information Grab Is Illegal for a Very Surprising Reason

July 5, 2017

States continue to refuse cooperation A ginned up commission to investigate Trump’s ‘voter fraud’ accusations may be soliciting states for…

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Patriotism Knows No Political Party: Conservatives Don’t Own the Term

July 4, 2017

The venomous attacks on people with different opinions is the true treachery This  article is about patriotism and all the…

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Trump Calls His Tweets ‘Modern Day Presidential’

July 1, 2017

How does he stack up to the great political orators of our country? In a dinnertime tweet, President Trump cleared…

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Ted Lieu Destroys Trump Admin’s Heartless Healthcare Bill in a Tweet That Wins The F*cking Internet

June 26, 2017

Kellyanne Conway shills for Trump and gets humiliated-Again! In response to Kellyanne Conway’s epic apathetic view on our working poor,…

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Trump’s EPA Just Tossed the Last Scientists from ‘Scientific Advisory Board’

June 21, 2017

move makes room for trump sympathizers Trump’s EPA continues its wipe-out of scientific advisers and researchers with the latest round…

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