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James is a Co-founder and the Managing Editor of Reverb Press. A long-time activist, he is a Teamster, an agitator, a semi-retired indie rock bass player, a surfer, and a student of life. He hurls epithets with reckless abandon and uses the term "dude" as a non-gender specific term with great frequency.

Ultra-Prude Mike Pence Narc’d Out His Entire Frat House For Throwing A Kegger

December 6, 2017

A revealing — if not surprising — profile in The Atlantic exposes that bible-thumping Republican Vice President Mike Pence was a…

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Trump Essentially Admits MAGA is About Attacking Blacks in Shocking Thanksgiving Tweet

November 23, 2017

America was in for a horrific treat Thursday as it awakened to a uniquely American holiday, Thanksgiving. And it certainly…

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Watch Gun Owner Smash Own AR-15 to Bits to Protest Assault Weapons (VIDEO)

November 21, 2017

In a powerful piece of video broadcast by WFLA.com in Riverside California, Chad Vachter, an outspoken supporter of the 2nd Amendment…

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Republican Senator Rand Paul Assaulted at His Kentucky Residence

November 4, 2017

In a breaking story, Kentucky Republican senator Rand Paul has apparently been injured in an intentional assaulted at his home…

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Outrage erupts over Whitefish Energy deal after no-review contract leaked

October 27, 2017

“The Swamp” appears to be teeming with slimy fish from Whitefish Energy Holdings. Why did Whitefish Energy Holdings win a massive…

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Trump Tweeted that his Horror Show Phoenix Rally was “Packed.” This Video Proves He Lied

August 23, 2017

Wednesday sees America awakening with a new sense of dread and distress following Tuesday night’s horror show of a Trump…

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SAD: Donald Trump Just Re-tweeted an Obviously Bulls**t Twitter Account

August 21, 2017

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is a desperate man. A desperate man with a Twitter account. Ugh. His approval…

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American Tourist Throws N*zi Salutes in Germany, Promptly Gets A** Kicked

August 13, 2017

Are we tired of winning yet? One American tourist wasn’t, but he might be now. American Tourist Throws Nazi Salutes…

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Everything You Need To Know About The Electoral College (But Were Afraid To Ask) (VIDEO)

July 30, 2016

Due in large part to the rampant gerrymandering of congressional districts that both parties have historically used to manipulate it in order…

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Trump Arrives In Post – Brexit Scotland With His Head Up His Ass, Gets RIPPED By Twitter (TWEETS)

June 24, 2016

Post Brexit Scotland Rips Donald Trump on Twitter On Friday, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump arrived in Scotland; not to…

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