BREAKING: Deadbeat Trump Stiffing His Campaign Pollster For A Whopping Mountain Of Money

BREAKING: Deadbeat Trump Stiffing His Campaign Pollster For A Whopping Mountain Of Money

When Donald Trump hired pollster Tony Fabrizio in May, many viewed this as good news. The real estate mogul was, for once, bringing seasoned operatives into the fold.

Trump gives deadbeats a bad name

But Trump has apparently been unhappy with some of the services provided by the GOP strategist, a veteran who has advised candidates ranging from 1996 GOP nominee Bob Dole to Florida Gov. Rick Scott. The latest report from the Federal Election Commission shows that the Trump campaign is disputing nearly $767,000 that Fabrizio’s firm says it is still owed for its polling services.

Trump campaign officials were mum and provided no details about the reason why the campaign hasn’t paid the sum to Fabrizio Lee, the pollster’s firm that’s based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“This is an administrative issue that we’re resolving internally,” said Jason Miller, a senior communications adviser. Fabrizio hasn’t responded to requests for comment, The Washington Post reports.

Fabrizio is a colleague of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager. Last spring, Manafort persuaded Trump that he needed a professional pollster. Trump was skeptical and with Manafort’s departure in August and the hiring of pollster Kellyanne Conway as his campaign manager raised questions as to whether Fabrizio would remain. And a slew of reports say that Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner have declined Fabrizio’s advice.

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Even though Trump hired Fabrizio’s firm in May, the firm didn’t receive any payments from the campaign until September. At that time, it was paid $624,000 for services rendered. A review by the Post of the FEC filing shows the campaign still owes Fabrizio Lee another $55,000,which is completely separate from the $767,000 it’s disputing.

Last month the Trump campaign was sued by the father behind “USA Freedom Kids,” a singing group when the campaign broke a pledge and failed to set up a merchandise table for the children at rallies.

But this is far from unusual for Trump, who has stiffed a number of people, including veterans.

I’m quite sure that for him, this is just business as usual.

Donald Trump is kind of like a horribly awful deadbeat dad. And if he’s elected, he’ll be a deadbeat president too.

How’s that going to work? Not well, I surmise.

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