Fiat Chrysler Says Trump Had Nothing To Do With Job Creation Plan

Fiat Chrysler Says Trump Had Nothing To Do With Job Creation Plan

FCA Us Will Spend $1 Billion Opening Plants And Creating Jobs, And Donald Trump Had Nothing To Do With It

In what has become a recurring gag in a long and dark tragic comedy, the president-elect has again rushed to associated himself with a jobs creation plan he had no hand in creating.

On Sunday, FCA US announced their $1 billion plan to open new plants in Michigan and Ohio will go forward. Jodi Tinson, spokeswoman for the company, told ThinkProgress that the plan had been “in the works since 2015.” The plan had, in fact, been announced in July of last year—long before the bully pulpit, or in this case, bully pulpit-elect, could have feasibly influenced the company’s decision; one motivated by emerging markets rather than patriotic goodwill.

But that didn’t stop Donald Trump from associating himself with the plan on Twitter.

When asked by ThinkProgress if politics and the election had no influence on the announcement, Tinson said “Correct.” The announcement was, as FCA US put it:

“[c]onsistent and combined with previously announced investments,”

Previously, Trump had taken dubious credit for a job-saving decision by Sprint.

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Trump’s deal-making with Ford, however, appears to be more genuine; Executive Chairman Bill Ford told Yahoo Finance! that he opened a dialog with the president-elect:

“I have a good relationship with him. I had dialogue with him all throughout his candidacy. The most important thing is, the door is open and he understands our business now better than perhaps he did when he was first a candidate.”

Ford CEO Mark Fields, however, maintains that the company would have made the decision regardless of Trump’s criticism. ThinkProgress also notes the company has not stopped manufacturing the Focus in Mexico, an issue which formed the centerpiece of Trump’s critique of the company.

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