Trump Spends $1.5 Million to Push Fake News on 100 Days of Success

Trump Spends $1.5 Million To Push Fake News About 100 Days of Success

Donald Trump is Determined to Let Americans Know The Fake News Truth About His Successful Unsuccessful First 100 Days in Office

Donald Trump is so confident that he actually had a successful first 100 days in office that he is spending $1.5 million on an ad campaign to try and convince Americans that it is true.

Trump released a new 30-second TV ad that is stuffed with the kind of hyperbolic rhetoric that the POTUS is well known for.

“Donald Trump, sworn in as president 100 days ago: America has rarely seen such success.”

This statement flies in the face of reality, of course, seeing as the President’s first 100 days have been anything but a success, as The Guardian points out.

“He has failed to get any of his priorities turned into legislation in the face of party disunity, and his attempt to rule by executive order has been largely hollow. His decrees have been either meaningless, like his one-page, detail-free tax reform plan, or have been blocked by the courts, such as his travel ban for Muslim countries and refugees.”

Ouch. Scathing, but they most certainly are not wrong. Add into this the fact that AOL reports that his 42 percent approval rating is the lowest of any modern president at the 100 day mark and one has to wonder what planet Trump is living on if he thinks America has rarely seen such success? The ad tries it’s best to address his accomplishments, but the list is short and vague.

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“A respected Supreme Court justice: Confirmed. Companies investing in American jobs again. America becoming more energy independent.”

Okay, yes, he was able to get Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court, but is he respected? Depends who one asks. As far as the other two claims? Unclear, vague and overgeneralized to say the least. In fact, according to the Business Insider, a first quarter report from the Commerce Department showed “sluggish” economic growth in the past month. So, vague, overgeneralized…and factually incorrect based on at least one indicator.

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And the ad fails to address his absolute failure in trying to get rid of Obamacare, his flip-flops on NATO, and of course, his excessive time spent on the golf course.

But, of course, what propaganda tool released by Trump would be complete without a savage attack on the nation’s media? After touting his great, vague accomplishments, he makes sure to point out that the reason Americans can’t see how amazingly wonderful he is doing is because the damn media is so biased against him that they won’t report how incredible he is.

“You wouldn’t know it from watching the news, America is winning and President Trump is making America great again.”

Of course. Darn media and them reporting things like facts.

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