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Hillary’s ‘Nephew’: The Love Story At The Heart Of Her Evolution On LGBT Rights (VIDEO)

October 18, 2016

On LGBT Issues, Hillary Clinton Has Evolved To Become A Dedicated Ally Hillary Clinton has not always come across as the best ally to the LGBT community. Her opposition to same-sex marriage has only changed until quite recently, unfortunately, as…

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Roger Ailes Walks Away With More Money Than Gretchen Carlson

September 6, 2016

Fox News Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit With Gretchen Carlson The former Fox News employee had sued CEO Roger Ailes over alleged sexual harassment. n Tuesday, Fox News reportedly agreed to settle Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment suit against her former employer, Roger…

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Mike Pence Policy Paper: No Jobs For Gays

September 2, 2016

This Is Only The Most Recent Discovery in Pence’s Homophobic History Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence has a clear disdain for the LGBTQ community. It was clear when he represented Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District and warned that same-sex marriage…

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Homophobic Texas Judge Strikes Again, Now He’s Going After Transgender Kids (VIDEO)

August 22, 2016

Obama’s Efforts To Protect Transgender Students Is Ruled Against just In Time For School To start In May, President Obama decreed that all schools in the United States must respect the rights of transgender students. Under his directive, issued by…

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Joe Biden Proves He Is The Coolest VP Ever By Officiating A Same-Sex Wedding (VIDEO)

August 2, 2016

Joe Biden Marries A Gay Couple Four Years After Pushing Obama Into Supporting Same-Sex Marriage The man affectionately known as Uncle Joe Biden just proved how damn cool he is by officiating a same-sex marriage ceremony. Who were the lucky…

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Reminder: That Song Behind Donald Trump’s WWE Style Grand Entrance Was By A Gay Aids Victim

July 19, 2016

For An Entire Generation, Freddie Mercury Was The First Public Face of AIDS Not long before Melania Trump took the stage to recite parts of Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech, viewers were “treated” to a WWE-inspired appearance by…

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The GOP Doesn’t Care About LGBT Issues—But This Gay, Female Republican Wants To Change That

July 15, 2016

The GOP Platform Refuses To Acknowledge The Orlando Massacre As An Attack On LGBT People In a revealing interview, the first openly gay person to sit on the GOP Platform Committee expresses her frustration with her colleagues’ lack of concern…

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After Historic Pentagon Policy Shift, Transgender Troops Can Now Fight Without Fear (VIDEO)

June 30, 2016

Transgender Americans Have Just Had A New Wall Of Discrimination Come Crashing Down As of today, transgender Americans can now serve their country openly and proudly in the military – an historic move forward for transgender rights. According to The…

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10 Tweets That Destroy #HeteroSexualPrideDay

June 30, 2016

#HeterosexualPrideDay Unwittingly Illustrates Why We Need Gay Pride Month The internet managed to embarrass itself when #HeteroSexualPrideDay actually began to trend on twitter.  The ridiculous hashtag, which can be traced back to username @JackNForTweets, is meant to mimic and minimize this month’s…

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Looking For A ‘Straight Pride’ Parade? A ‘White Pride’ Parade Is Your Next Best Choice

May 20, 2016

Won’t Someone PLEASE Think About The Heterosexuals It is the season when warm days and summer holidays brings fun, frolic, happiness and parades – including Pride parades. And, of course, along with Gay Pride parades comes the inevitable stupid question,…

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