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Congressman’s Sick Racist Attack on Emma Gonzalez Blows Up In His Face – Could End Up In Jail

March 30, 2018

Iowa Congressman Steve King is in Big Trouble On Sunday, March 25th, Iowa Congressman Steve King tweeted a clearly racist, “alternative facts” based attack on Emma Gonzalez, the firebrand survivor of the Valentines Day mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman High…

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HEY GOP: Jesus Was A Liberal And These 20 Bible Quotes Prove It

December 26, 2017

by ELISABETH PARKER Conservatives keep nattering on and on about how much they love Jesus Christ, whom they view as their “personal” Savior. But when you read the following 20 Jesus quotes from the New Testament, you’ll wonder what Bible they’re reading.…

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This Video Proves Fox News is Super Duper Racist and Always Has Been

April 6, 2017

Don’t be duped – Fox News is crazy racist! Racism literally broadcasts off the “fair and balanced” cable news network that is undeniably #1 with racists, like heat off asphalt on a hot summer day. Don’t believe MY words? Maybe…

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The Media Is Ignoring Three Claims Of Rape Against Donald Trump By Women And Children. WHY?

July 23, 2016

Crickets From The Media As A Woman Claims Trump Raped Her As A Child NBC News’ legal analyst and best-selling author Lisa Bloom asked quite a poignant question on the Huffington Post last June, and now that Donald J. Trump is officially…

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These Psychologists Want You To Wake The Fu*k Up About Donald J Trump (VIDEO)

June 5, 2016

The Republican party wavers on one of the greatest moral questions it has ever faced, whether to try to stop the fascism rising in its party in the form of presidential front-runner Donald Trump. Meanwhile, a group of American experts…

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Trump Takes Steps To Protect His Golf Course From Climate Change ‘Hoax’ (VIDEO)

May 24, 2016

application states Donald trump business is planning for climate change We are all well aware of the ridiculous wall Donald Trump is promising to build on the U.S.-Mexico border. We know it’s dangerous and we know it is going to…

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25 Fictional Fox News Memes That Could Have Changed History (IMAGES)

May 20, 2016

The conservative bias on Fox News is so blatant and obvious to casual observers that all one can do sometimes is shake their head and laugh. But have you ever wondered how this notorious ‘news’ network would have covered some notable…

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Horrific Racist Reaction To Malia Obama Story Forced Fox News To Shut Down Web Comments

May 10, 2016

In case you missed it. Harmless Article On Malia Obama’ s College Choice shows racism going strong President Obama’s oldest daughter Malia has decided to attend Harvard but will take a gap year before beginning her college education. While the…

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7 Reasons Why Donald Trump Would Be The Worst President Ever

May 7, 2016

Donald Trump Would Be The Worst President Ever Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, belligerent, bullheaded big-mouth. He’s also the presumptive Republican nominee for President, fueled entirely by an army of supporters who like him for all the wrong reasons. But…

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Carly Fiorina ‘s Company Bribed Russian Officials, Made Millions During Iran Embargo

April 27, 2016

Cruz / Fiorina 2016 Has A Lot Of Baggage Carly Fiorina’s name is once again on everyone’s lips. She is now the running mate of GOP presidential hopeful Rafael “Ted” Cruz. Fiorina had previously endorsed the Texas Senator following her…

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