The Morning After: Thoughts on My Country’s Wounds

September 12, 2016

What does it mean to watch “history in the making”? Or to “come together” after a tragedy? How about the…

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Our Revolution’s Quest to Destroy Itself: Can the System Change from Within?

September 11, 2016

Using Citizens United To Overturn Citizens United Our Revolution-sponsored candidates run on a platform which would eventually eliminate the “social…

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Read The Leaked Script That’s Embarrassing The Hell Out Of The Trump Campaign

September 2, 2016

Trump Advisers Plan Carefully Scripted Interview With black Pastor To the Trump campaign, tension between the candidate and black Americans…

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Bernie 2.0? Leaked Emails Reveal Campaign To Smear Jill Stein As ‘Anti-Science’

August 20, 2016

REPORT: Misinformation Campaign Targets Jill Stein Leaked email urges progressives to paint Green Party candidate as anti-science. n email published…

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Bernie’s Big Ideas About Transforming American Politics

July 15, 2016

Bernie Sanders Has A Bold Plan To Harness The Grassroots Energy Behind His Campaign The first openly socialist presidential candidate in…

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Tweet Takes The Republican Party To Task For Their Out-Of-Touch Priorities

July 8, 2016

Dallas: The Morning After Congress and the Senate must stop wasting time with partisan showmanship and address domestic terrorism in…

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Harvard Study Confirms Bernie Sanders Was Right: Media Blackout Badly Hurt Campaign

June 15, 2016

Harvard Study Confirms Bernie Sanders Campaign Was Hurt By Lack Of Media Coverage A new study from Harvard Kennedy School’s…

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Batsh*t Crazy Pat Buchanan: Teaching White Men About Slavery Is Driving Them To Suicide

May 30, 2016

Pat Buchanan Claims Teaching Slavery Is Driving White Men To Commit Suicide he very recent rise of diversity and inclusion…

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The Trump Effect: GOP Officially Supports Degrading Remarks Toward Women, Minorities

May 16, 2016

The Trump Effect his election cycle has seen more than its fair share of unconventional occurrences. It began with a…

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