About That Machete-Wielding, Molotov Cocktail-Toting Terrorist You’ve Never Heard Of (VIDEO)

March 25, 2015

Ever notice how brown Muslim terrorists always get called “terrorists,” but white Christian terrorists are politely referred to as “mentally ill?” For…

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Right-Wing ‘Activist’ Can’t Find Any Brown People To Say They Want To Kill Cops

March 18, 2015

Right-wing activist James O’Keefe just can’t seem to stay out of legal trouble. For starters, O’Keefe got arrested for trying to…

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BREAKING: 2 Police Officers Shot In Ferguson, MO (VIDEO)

March 12, 2015

Ferguson, MO is a city now infamous for institutionalized government racism, brought to light by the shooting of 18 year old…

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DOJ Seeks Sweeping Changes In Shockingly Racist Ferguson PD

March 5, 2015

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice released a shocking, 102-page report on the blatant racism that infuses the police department…

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Eric Holder Ignores Fox, Gives Exit Interviews To REAL News

February 27, 2015

Eric Holder is planning on leaving the position of Attorney General in March, just as soon as his successor, Loretta…

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Washington, D.C.: Don’t Bogart That Legalization, My Friend

February 25, 2015

At 12:01 AM, Thursday, marijuana becomes legal in the nation’s capital. Residents will be allowed to own three plants and…

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Chicago Police Department Runs ‘Black Site,’ in Bid to be the New CIA (UPDATED: VIDEO)

February 25, 2015

On Tuesday, word broke that the Chicago Police Department has been maintaining a “black site,” a secret interrogation compound which,…

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Texas Judge Issues Order Halting Obama’s Actions On Immigration

February 17, 2015

A Texas judge, Andrew S. Hanen of Federal District Court in Brownsville, issued an injunction on Monday to stop President…

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FBI Director’s ‘Bold’ Speech On ‘Hard Truths’ About Police And Race Doesn’t Hit Hard Enough (VIDEO)

February 14, 2015

On Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, February 12th, FBI Director James Comey gave a speech entitled ‘Hard Truths: Law Enforcement and Race’.…

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Ferguson, MO Sued In Federal Court Over Running Illegal ‘Debtors Prisons’

February 9, 2015

Debtors’ prisons were outlawed in the United States before the Civil War. That’s what the history books tell us. In…

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