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WATCH: Ted Cruz Squirm At This One Simple Question: “Do You Want To Deport Me?” (VIDEO)

March 25, 2015

Young Dreamers have Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on the run, and we don’t mean for president in 2016. Instead, young people who are currently protected by the Dream Act have Cruz running away from vicious voting record on immigration. On…

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Rep. King SHREDS GOP Colleagues Over DHS Funding FAIL

February 28, 2015

Rep.  Peter King (R-NY) called out his colleagues on Friday, saying the GOP has been the party of National Security since the time of Eisenhower. One would think that funding the Department of Homeland Security should be top priority for…

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9-Year-Old Shot While Selling Girl Scout Cookies: Still Think Guns Make Us Safer?

February 5, 2015

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season again, and you know what that means: More scary news stories involving guns and girl scouts.  Who can forget the Temecula, CA man who pulled a gun on a seven-year-old Brownie unlucky enough to grace his door…

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Sen. Feinstein Cracks Scathing Joke About Jeb Bush Candidacy

February 2, 2015

Why did the Bush cross the road? To get into the White House. Okay, that’s not a good joke. But Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) cracked a far better one. The rather bizarre Washington D.C. social group, the Alfalfa Club, held…

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WTF Does Sarah Palin Know About a ‘Servant’s Heart?’

January 26, 2015

During a staged event in which she callously used the homeless and the hungry at a Salvation Army outpost in Las Vegas as a photo-op to promote her latest reality show, half-term Alaska Governor and failed Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin served…

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Memory Hole: Republicans Cut Obama’s Climate Change Comments from Official GOP SOTU Video

January 21, 2015

President Obama committed a thoughtcrime. When Republicans posted their video of the President’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, a short section was missing. One of Obama’s best zingers last night was mocking the Republicans for dismissing climate change…

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The 21 Best State Of The Union Memes

January 19, 2015

As the Obama presidency enters the fourth quarter, the Obama Administration does so on a high note. Obama’s approval rating is as high as the GOP’s patron saint, ‘Ronnie Raygun’, was when the Reagan Administration entered its sixth year. Gas…

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Hey GOP! Falling Oil Prices Mean The Death Of The Keystone XL Pipeline

January 15, 2015

Falling oil prices have ruined the viability of the Keystone XL Pipeline project. Everyone knows it but the thick-headed GOP. Last week, Royal Dutch Shell announced that it would cut over 3,000 jobs from its tar-sands operation in northern Alberta. Last year,…

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GOP’s Tone Deaf Response to Scalise-KKK Connection: #WhiteSupremacismDoesn’tMatter

December 30, 2014

The Republican Party’s response to revelations that Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise addressed a Ku Klux Klan group in 2002, has been to qualify them and show support for Scalise. This is gobsmackingly tone-deaf, even for the GOP. Scalise…

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Two-Year-Old Grabs Loaded Gun, Fatally Shoots Mother In Wal-Mart (VIDEO)

December 30, 2014

In yet another casualty of America’s gun culture, a mother lost her life in the most tragic way at an Idaho Wal-Mart on Tuesday when her 2- year- old son grabbed a handgun out of her purse and pulled the…

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