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Tim Ryan to Blue-Collar Workers: Trump Will ‘Gut You’

October 5, 2016

Representative Tim Ryan Gets Graphic While Describing The Effects Of A Trump Administration The Democratic congressman from Ohio was speaking at an event for former President Bill Clinton. n Wednesday, Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) graphically described the potential effects of…

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BREAKING: Trump Campaign In Free Fall As Clinton Now Polling Better On Economy

August 14, 2016

Clinton Takes Lead In Economy Issues Even with struggling poll numbers elsewhere, Donald Trump always led Hillary Clinton in one area — the economy. For many of us, this was mind-blowing. Even if the American economy could be ran the…

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WATCH: Trump Co-Chair Gets Schooled After Claiming Trickle-Down Economics Works

August 9, 2016

Joe Borelli Pushes Failed Trickle Down Theory And Is Met With An Appropriate Takedown By Ali Velshi The co-chair of Donald Trump’s New York campaign, Joe Borelli, appeared on CNN today and began the process of pushing the Republican candidate’s…

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OBAMA WINS: GOP Barely Mentions Theme Of The Night At Train-Wreck Of A Convention

July 20, 2016

GOP focus on night two of convention was economy, but you might not know from listening. The GOP had it’s “Make America Work Again” night at the Republican National Convention and something was strangely missing from many of the speeches…

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Bernie Sanders: Could Brexit Style Revolt Happen In US Over Income Inequality? ‘You Bet It Could’

June 29, 2016

Bernie Sanders Warns That The Same Disenfranchisement That Made Brexit Happen Could Get Trump Elected The Western world still seems to be in shock over Brexit and Remain supporters are desperately trying to figure out what went wrong. Meanwhile, American’s…

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SCAMPAIGN: Donald Trump Is Lining His Own Pockets With Donor’s Money

June 21, 2016

Donald Trump #SCAMPAIGN Alert Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president he has bragged about his alleged self-financing of his campaign. That was never actually true since he has been soliciting donations from the start and the funds…

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Switzerland Has A Radical Idea For Solving Poverty

May 24, 2016

Switzerland Will Vote Next Month On Paying Salaries To Every One Of Their Citizens Switzerland — that country where every bad guy in every movie ever has secret bank accounts — will vote next month on something some Americans will…

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GOP Pushing $23B In Food Stamp Cuts, Because Eating Is A Privilege (VIDEO)

May 14, 2016

Nothing Gets The GOP’s Mojo Flowing Harder Than Gutting Food Stamp Spending If gutting food stamp “entitlements” and screwing the poor gives you an erection lasting more than four hours, consult a doctor (or at least a dentist who murders lions), because you’re…

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Trump Praises Slave Owner Jackson’s History, Rejects Tubman On Twenty (VIDEO)

April 22, 2016

While many applauded when US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that Andrew Jackson would be replaced on the front of the twenty dollar bill with celebrated abolitionist Harriet Tubman, there were of course dissenters. Not surprisingly one of them was Republican…

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Latest State To Take Medicaid Expansion Saving So Much It Will Blow Your Mind

April 21, 2016

Louisiana Gets On Board With Medicaid Expansion And It Will Save The State $1 Billion Less than 48 hours after taking office, Louisiana’s Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards signed an executive order expanding Medicaid after Republican Bobby Jindal refused to…

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