Trump An International LAUGHINGSTOCK As Nightmarish UK ‘Twilight Zone’ TV Listing Goes Viral

January 15, 2017

With less than a week until Donald Trump is sworn in to office, the world is still incredulous. Many wonder…

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Donald Trump’s List Of ‘Accomplishments’

January 12, 2017

Donald Trump’s List Of Accomplishments Is Quite Impressive, Isn’t It? For several years, a viral listicle made the rounds throughout right-wing…

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DC Area Diner Selling Trump Inspired ‘Golden Shower’ Burgers, Donating Money To Planned Parenthood

January 11, 2017

Planned Parenthood Ended Up On The Winning End Of All The ‘Golden Shower’ Mess Thanks To Some Funny Foodies Oh,…

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10 Christmas Gifts That Can Make The Trump Supporter In Your Life An Actual Person

December 12, 2016

Christmas Is Right Around The Corner, And Everyone Knows That One Trump Supporter The only thing worse than Christmas shopping…

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There’s Only 1 Way Alec Baldwin Will Stop Trolling Trump On SNL & The Donald’s Not Gonna Like It

December 4, 2016

Donald Trump continues to demonstrate that he is temperamentally unfit to be president. As president-elect he is still exhibiting a…

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John Oliver Tackles Trump Win: ‘How The F Did We Get Here? And What The F Do We Do Now?’ (VIDEO)

November 14, 2016

It may be difficult to find the humor in last week’s election results. Americans who are appropriately terrified by the…

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20 News Headlines We Can Expect During The Trump Presidency

November 14, 2016

The Trump Presidency Will Be Upon Us Soon It’s coming, people. The Trump presidency. A lot of Americans are pretty…

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What To Do If Trump Thugs Try To Intimidate You On Election Day

November 5, 2016

Trump Thugs May Be Planning On Harassing And Intimidating Voters On Election Day Friday evening, a Federal judge in Ohio…

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This Election Map Of Trump Trolls Is Beloved By Right-Wing Nuts

November 4, 2016

The Right Is Sharing The Hell Out Of This Ridiculous Election Map Of Trump Trolls Oh, conservatives. Their whole right-wing…

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Obama Reveals His Halloween Nightmare In Hilarious Interview With Samantha Bee (VIDEO)

November 1, 2016

While the media is busy ignoring frightening reports of Donald Trump’s alliance with Russia, President Obama is ducking past the…

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