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An Open Letter to the Iranian People

March 15, 2015

Dear People of Iran, The American and Iranian governments are negotiating to monitor nuclear development in Iran, in exchange for lifting sanctions, which will reduce the threat of war. I want you to know that I, a taxpaying, voting, American…

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Tom Cotton Bows Down to Weapons Lobbyists Day After Letter Sabotaging Iran Deal

March 9, 2015

Freshman Senator Tom Cotton, Republican from Arkansas, organized a letter to Iran, threatening them that any deal with President Barack Obama would not last. The letter lectured Iran about the Constitution, though Republicans possibly violated the Constitution in sending it.…

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Netanyahu’s Greatest Insult Is to the American People

March 4, 2015

Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, in which he called Obama’s negotiation a “very bad deal,” generated plenty of umbrage in Washington. The Congressional Black Caucus protested the speech, Nancy Pelosi was insulted, President Obama dismissed it as containing ‘nothing new.’ All…

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Netanyahu Caught In A Lie On Iran’s Nuclear Program

February 23, 2015

Remember back in 2012, when Binyamin Netanyahu declared that Iran was only a year away from having nuclear weapons? Turns out he was lying. A recent leak of intelligence documents show that, according to Mossad operatives in 2012, Iran was…

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Hell on Earth: A Political Theory of Holy War

February 22, 2015

That extremist fringes in the West and Middle East are lurching toward a religious war is an inconvenient fact that many have been slow to wake to. It seems downright Medieval that the news cycle is dominated by Islamist jihad…

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Canadians Reject Fox News Clone – Sun News Shuts Down (VIDEO)

February 16, 2015

The right-wing propaganda machine suffered defeat this week in the great white north when Sun News Network, the Fox News clone in Canada went off the air Friday. The network, which many dubbed the “Fox News North,” had been in…

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Now We Know ISIL Are Evil Morons, Not Brilliant Masterminds

February 5, 2015

ISIS swept across northern Iraq like a sand devil last summer, scattering the terrified Iraqi army nearly as fast as the American coalition had 11 years earlier. They left mass graves and looted banks in their wake. Their modern weapons,…

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Muss A Do: First Lady Michelle Obama Lands in Saudi Arabia With Uncovered Hair

January 27, 2015

It’s a good thing First Lady Michelle Obama didn’t insist on driving the President’s motorcade. That would have been awkward. When Mrs. Obama stepped off Air Force One in Riyadh, Tuesday, her uncovered raven locks sent a little message to…

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In India, Obama Anchors a Great Wall Around China

January 27, 2015

If Obama’s trip to India were a film, Bollywood might call it Power Dance, while Cinema of China might render it Standing Elephant, Boxed-in Dragon. This trip was a big deal. In diplomacy, perhaps more than any other field, symbolism…

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Israel’s Intense Domestic Politics Drives Netanyahu’s Desperate, Paradoxical Speech

January 26, 2015

If the American government is bipolar, the Israeli government has multiple personality disorder. Binyamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud party, has been the dominant personality since 2009. But the Israeli body politic is having a fit. And Netanyahu is desperate.…

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