Michael Moore's New 'Trumpileaks' Website for Whistleblowers is Sure to Make Trump's Head Explode

Michael Moore’s New ‘Trumpileaks’ Website for Whistleblowers is Sure to Make Trump’s Head Explode

‘Trumpileaks’ to be a secure clearing house for rogue Trump staffers


Outspoken movie man Michael Moore has made no qualms about his distaste for Donald Trump. His long history of progressive support has incited rage from the Right and they’ll surely brand him a traitor for this one. Moore has launched an encrypted website he hopes will encourage people ‘in the know’ to share information about the Trump Trainwreck. He says, in a statement on  www.michaelmoore.com/Trumpileaks , that he’s doing it for love of country.

 “Patriotic Americans in government, law enforcement or the private sector with knowledge of the crimes, lies and general misconduct committed by Donald J. Trump and his associates are encouraged to blow the whistle in the name of protecting the United States of America from tyranny. From the time you opened this letter to the time you get to the bottom of it, there’s a decent chance that our President will have violated the constitution, obstructed justice, lied to the American people, encouraged or supported acts of violence, or committed some horrible mistake that would’ve ended any other politician’s career (or sent you or I to jail). And just like all the times he’s done so in the past, he will get away with it,”


The website comes just one day after NSA contractor Reality Winner was arrested for leaking classified information about more evidence of Russian hacking activity in the US election. She says she did it to ‘resist’ Trump. Michael Moore’s site features secure methods of ‘resisting Trump’ so that would-be leakers can remain anonymous. Among the methods of reporting nefarious Trump information to the site are Signal,  a downloadable app that allows anonymous phone calls. Michael Moore’s Signal phone number is 929-451-7267.  The site also uses messaging apps  Peerio and Whatsapp to communicate with Moore and his team. Leakers can contact the site through those apps with the same number.Those not as concerned with security can send an email to  [email protected]. For a complete list of ways to reach out, log onto the site.

For his part, President Trump has had a long history of liking and then disliking, and then liking again, similar websites like Wikileaks. Here is a quick rundown of his flip-flopping.

On the 12/10/2010 edition of Fox news program Kilmeade and Friends:


and then at a campaign rally in October of 2016

No word yet from the Administration about how ‘Trumpileaks’ sits with them. But Trump has repeatedly denounced leakers in general and Newt Gingrich calls them criminals.

“The amount of leaking coming out of the intelligence community is staggering.  People should go to jail. Leakers should be locked up.”

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Bruno Moore is a 2 time Democratic candidate for Florida State Senate. With a background in broadcasting he became most well known for his signature style of traffic reporting in South Florida before getting into politics in 2012. Between them he and his wife Megan have 5 children.