This Teacher Wrote A Song For Betsy DeVos, And It's Breaking The Internet

This Teacher Wrote A Song For Betsy DeVos, And It’s Breaking The Internet

‘Bald Piano Guy’ Lampoons Betsy DeVos With ‘It’s DeVossy!’

Betsy DeVos, the nominee to head the Department of Education under Donald Trump, has been going through a pretty brutal confirmation. And now, to go along with her rough week, a teacher that goes by the moniker “Bald Piano Guy” has created a catchy tune called “It’s DeVossy!” that is sure to make a bad situation even worse for the cabinet hopeful.

The “Bald Piano Guy” is a teacher from New York who has been making satire with his piano for some time. This time he put together a song bashing DeVos, who has been giving a very poor performance during her hearing and allegedly lied about her position in her family’s foundation. The song features this pointed chorus:

It’s demonic, it’s demeaning, it’s DeVossy!

DeVos has been particularly ridiculed for her logic on the guns in schools issue, among many other problematic positions.

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It’s clear Betsy DeVos has a rough road to confirmation ahead of her. And if voices like the “Bald Piano Guy” and so many others are heard, Donald Trump will be left looking for another nominee to lead the Department of Education in the near future.

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