DeVos Disaster: Trump's Education Pick Is So Bad She's Uniting Bitter Enemies

DeVos Disaster: Trump’s Education Pick Is So Bad She’s Uniting Bitter Enemies

Betsy DeVos Crosses The Education Debate Divide

Betsy DeVos has one useful aspect.

Trump’s secretary of education pick is such an unmitigated disaster that she’s uniting bitter enemies together as people finally cast politics aside and decide that our children should come first.

Ahead of her disastrous confirmation hearing, where grizzly bears in schools were a certainty but protections for disabled children were not, DeVos was the target of expected dissenters who oppose her right-wing vision of school privatization. Union leaders such as Randi Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen Garcia were open and vocal critics of DeVos’s privatization dreams. And on Thursday, as these unions organized a national day of action to protest DeVos, their action was greeted with an answering cry of opposition to DeVos’s confirmation – from the opposing side.

The Democrats for Education Reform, a group that supports “school choice,” added their own voice to the growing cries of opposition against DeVos. The group’s president Shavar Jeffries, stated the following:

“We are strong supporters of choice married with accountability, but as vital as parental choice is, choice alone is not an answer for ensuring the education of 50 million kids.”

And those 50 million kids should take precedence over politics.

Major ‘Concerns’ With Betsy DeVos

Jeffries had a series of concerns over Betsy DeVos. And those concerns far outweighed any ideological belief he and his group hold for the privatization of our public schools. He noted that DeVos was “non-committal on whether public schools should be de-funded or privatized.” He was also concerned about DeVos’s views on federal support for children with disabilities, as detailed by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). DeVos believes that the federal law should be “left up to the states.”

In light of her cringe-worthy confirmation hearing, the pro-voucher group withdrew its support from Betsy DeVos.

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“We do hope that at some point Mrs. Devos will speak more expansively about her vision for all public schools and the federal role in ensuring our schools work for our kids,” Jeffries said. “But based on the record before us, we cannot support her nomination.”

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