Michelle Obama Raps It, Sean Hannity Pans It

Smirking Sean Hannity Bashes MC FLOTUS For Urging Teens To ‘Go To College’ (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama drops her chart-busting rap video…And Sean Hannity pans it.

On Thursday night, Fox’s Sean Hannity warned viewers of the latest threat to democracy and America as we know it: Michelle Obama’s newly-released rap song.

That’s right. FLOTUS — or perhaps should we call her M.C. FLOTUS — along with SNL’s Jay Pharoah dropped an awe-inspiring rap song encouraging teens to “Go To College.” Produced by College Humor, the catchy video’s meant to let kids know about Michelle Obama’s “Better Make Room” initiative. The program seeks to help high schoolers plan for college, while helping them connect with the financial and community resources they need (for more information, visit the Better Make Room website). Here’s the video:

This is the kind of warm, fuzzy, family-friendly, and non-partisan program first ladies have always embraced. After all, who could possibly object to a website that helps kids plan for college? Michelle Obama hater and college dropout Sean Hannity, that’s who. Surely he must be jealous.  “ISIS is on the rise. The Middle East, in complete turmoil,” he seethed. 

“The Western world is under constant threat from Islamic jihadists but, your first lady Michelle Obama is busy making a rap music video about going to college. Watch this.”

Hey, we were wondering the same thing: The Western world is under constant threats from Islamic jihadists, right-wing terrorists, and insane right-wing Republicans…But you’ve got time to complain about the first lady making news for something that doesn’t involve shooting people? And then, after showing part of the video with Michelle Obama and Jay Pharoah being awesome, Sean Hannity sneers:

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but when older people try to look like they’re hip and cool and young, it just doesn’t work for me. Anyway, does this prove to you that the Obamas are completely out of touch?”

Um, no, Sean Hannity. You’re the one whose out of touch from years of pandering to your audience of old, mean white people who keep getting older and meaner and whiter with each passing day. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama actually listens to young people like her teenage daughters. And they’ve told her you need to reach kids where they live: On social media through images, music and video, not through old fogey technologies like email and TVs like the ones Sean Hannity’s audience are watching. As for “trying” to look “hip and cool and young,” Michelle Obama may not be young, but she’ll always be hip and cool.

Here’s the video with Sean Hannity kvetching about Michelle Obama on Fox “News” via Media Matters.

Sean Hannity seems to be just about the only one who doesn’t like Michelle Obama’s and Jay Pharoah’s rap video. “Go to College” (under the hashtag #FlotusBars) is trending on Twitter, hit #1 on Billboard’s Top 100, and has even inspired Twitizens to create their own lyrics.

Featured image: Video screen grabs Fox via Media Matters/College Humor.

Elisabeth Parker is a writer, web designer, mom, political junkie, and dilettante.

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