Oklahoma School District Hires 'Christian' Sex-Ed Speaker. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Oklahoma School District Hires ‘Christian’ Sex-Ed Speaker. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

An Oklahoma High School recently booked Christian sex education speaker Shelly Donahue to speak to the senior class about responsible sex. And, of course, she preached abstinence only, which upset more than a few people because she’d been told to keep the talk secular, notes Left Wing Nation’s Rita Parker.

Conservative Christian Shelly Donahue caused an uproar

But really, what did they expect? On her website, she lets the whole world know she’s a Christian who preaches abstinence. Which means it was a bit silly for the district to hire her and ask her to keep it secular. It’s like asking that 400lb gorilla in the room to not think about bananas.

Jenks Public Schools spokesman Rob Loeber said the assembly was intended to give students information about HIV and AIDS. But during her presentation, she also made demeaning comments to the girls as a way to make her point.

“Do you know why girls are so desperate and always text guys first?” she asked. “Two words: Daddy left.”

This upset student Brooklyn Wilson so much that she posted this on her Facebook page:

“How dare our school allow a statement so demeaning to girls and so belittling of broken families to be presented to a class of such impressionable and already insecure seniors. Daddy leaving is a life-changing and heartbreaking situation, but to stereotype and undermine girls by calling them desperate for having the confidence to text a guy first is SO OUT OF LINE.’


And Brooklyn Wilson is right.  Donahue’s comments were terribly demeaning to these young women, who are at such a vulnerable age. Some parents also don’t talk responsibly to their kids about sex, so who really knows how much this woman’s comments may have affected them?

At one point during her talk, Donahue compared men to microwaves and women to crock pots. How ridiculous is that? It didn’t escape Wilson’s attention either.

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Other students were also not happy with Donahue’s presentation, and Loeber said they have been encouraged to “share their thoughts with school administrators. He also noted some students reacted positively to the presentation.

“The reaction was certainly not one-sided,” he said.

What may have tripped up school officials is that Donahue’s website also mentions a specific secular program that can also be used for public schools, which Loeber noted. I tried to find this program, but wasn’t able to.

He also said this was Jenks first contract with Donahue, Tulsa World notes. Fortunately, it’s going to be her last. She isn’t going to be asked back.

“She gave assurances to our administrators that her presentation would be secular, not religious. Regrettably, she did not adhere to those standards,” Loeber told Tulsa World. “Some of her comments strayed outside the realm of sex educatIon or AIDS education. Those statements certainly would not be echoed or endorsed by Jenks Public Schools. Because of those misrepresentations, Ms. Donahue will not be asked to return.”

Hopefully those who invited Donahue to speak have now learned that perhaps hiring a Christian speaker to give a secular talk on sex education is a bad idea.

Here’s a definite hat tip to Left Wing Nation, which provides excellent articles and survives on donations. Want to help them out? Go here.

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