School Superintendent To Trump's ICE Agents: You'll Take Kids 'Over My Dead Body' (VIDEO)

School Superintendent To Trump’s ICE Agents: You’ll Take Kids ‘Over My Dead Body’ (VIDEO)

ICE Agents might feel a bit unwelcome here

This school district has a message for Federal Immigration Agents (ICE): You’re not welcome here.

Children whose parents are undocumented immigrants are worrying themselves sick over whether immigration agents will snatch them from school to deport them or their parents, so Florida’s Miami-Dade School District took a major step, CBSMiami reports. On Wednesday, the district issued what amounts to a “stay away” order to federal agents.

Undocumented parents are especially upset because President Donald Trump has said he thinks it would be okay to deport undocumented children who entered the U.S. illegally, notes David Edwards, writing for Raw Story. These kids are often referred to as “Dreamers.”

“Our people didn’t come to harm this country. They came here so their children could have a better future,” said 10-year-old Jasmine Coach, who was met with a standing ovation from members of the Miami-Dade school board on Wednesday.

Although Jasmine is a U.S.-born citizen, her mom Laura Coach, isn’t. She’s a “Dreamer” who was protected during the Obama administration.

But Trump’s cruel rhetoric has made her nervous.

“I’m more fearful now than in all my lifetime,”said Laura Coach, who’s a student at Miami Dade College.

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Trump has said he would not deport Dreamers, but he’s reneged on that in some cases, and Jasmine is afraid ICE agents will take her mom away.

“I worry about one day when I come back home she’s not there, she might be called, she might be already deported,” she said. “It’s very sad.

And the MIami-Dade School Board deserves thanks for stepping up to the plate, especially since the county is detaining arrested immigrants for ICE officials, CBSMiami reports. The feds will just have to go elsewhere if they want to arrest and detain people, school officials say.

“It should never be at school. They have that ability to come in other parts of our community, but the school should never be a place where any child is questioned or taken from our schools,” said one board member, Lubby Navarro.

Alberto Carvalho, Miami Dade Public School Superintendent had a stern warning for Trump and any ICE agents who attempt harassing children at the school:

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“On behalf of every single kid in this community, over my dead body will any federal entity enter our schools to take immigration actions against our kids,” he said.

How sad that anyone has to worry about this. Schools should be a safe harbor for children, but imagine always having to worry that your mom and dad might be gone before you arrive home. Where would you go, if you don’t have nearby family members?

This is shameful.

Watch the compelling and emotional video from WFOR below:

Featured image: screenshot, courtesy WFOR.

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