Five Times Bill Maher Warned Us Trump Could Win

5 Times Bill Maher’s Predictions About Trump Were Scary Accurate

bill maher tried to warn us

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher has never been one to pull punches- he calls situations as they are, and openly speaks his mind about things that genuinely concern him. Whether or not that is good in the long run is up for debate, but he is generally worth listening to. Having absorbed Americana for over 60 years, Maher has discovered trends in the politics of the United States, including: gun culture, homophobia, racism, sexism, and animal rights.

Amongst that list is the, as he puts it, “stupidity” of the American people. Maher has repeatedly chastised the constituents for electing officials that go against their best interests, with 99 percent of these politicians conveniently belonging to the Republican Party. The bid for the 2016 presidency did not escape Maher’s gaze, who correctly predicted that Trump would not only win the Republican primary, but also had a good shot at the presidency. Here are his five most notable moments in chronological order:

1. The White Kanye

On June 26th, 2015, Maher had on conservative pundits Mary Katharine Ham and Kristen Soltis Anderson, who remained skeptical that Trump was anything more than a temporary phenomenon that would die down. Maher brushed off their disbelief, saying that Trump was the product of years of Tea Party propaganda driving up government resentment in the GOP, and that he would only continue to grow from there: “Let me tell you something. This is the Frankenstein’s Monster that was created with the Tea Party. This is your worst nightmare.”

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2. Ronald Reagan Similarities

On August 7, 2015, Maher had on guests California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and Republican consultants Mary Matalin and Steve Schmidt. The three were discussing Trump’s visible popularity in the media, with Maher drawing comparisons to the rise of Ronald Reagan. Maher claimed that, during his childhood, Reagan was viewed as a laughing stock when he mentioned the idea of running for POTUS, yet ultimately won over the people. The other panelists, aside from Schmidt, remained dismissive, once again bringing up the idea that Trump was a temporary anomaly. Maher shrugged this off, asking why Trump was beating all the other candidates in the race if that was the case.


3. It is not in the bag!

Maher continued to talk about Trump throughout the course of 2015 and 2016, but his next big warning arrived on April 29, 2016. This went under a lot of people’s radars due to the fact that it occurred in the “Overtime”, an after show section published online where all the guests answer submitted fan Q & A, however it is still worth mentioning. Towards the end, historian Thomas Frank proclaimed that Hillary was easily going to beat Trump, prompting Maher to give a knee-jerk reaction, telling everyone that spreading this rhetoric would only make the voters complacent and thus lead to Trump supporters securing his victory in the polls.

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4. The Low Bar

On June 17th, 2016, Maher told the public to be wary of Trump, as his then campaign was continuing to gain steam despite Trump breaking (and exceeding) many rules that had destroyed the political careers of several politicians beforehand. His vices included insulting the disabled, using racial epithets, saying John McCain was not a war hero, and so forth. Maher concluded that, if a candidate was capable of remaining popular after all this, then they were worth keeping an eye on.

5. The Penultimate Episode

The penultimate episode of Real Time‘s 14th season, airing a week before the election, started off with a high as Maher managed to get a long interview with President Obama. The second half of the show, though, turned out to be a grim affair, as Maher spent it lamenting about the very real and very scary possibility of Trump becoming president. While we cannot post the entire episode for obvious reasons, in one particular moment, Maher turned to the camera and begged young people to get out and vote, as their lives in particular would be effected dramatically by a Trump presidency.

Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

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