After Trump Calls Himself 'Very Stable Genius', He Instantly Gets Destroyed by Twitter

After Trump Calls Himself ‘Very Stable Genius’, He Instantly Gets Destroyed by Twitter

Another Early Morning Twitter Rant By Donald Trump Turns Embarrassing Real Quick

Questions about the mental health of Republican Donald Trump have been around since long before he became president. But the talk has exploded after revelations in Michael Wolff’s new book suggest the former reality host has “lost it”.

The debate even hit Trump’s favorite show Fox & Friends this morning, which led the notoriously thin-skinned president to take to Twitter for a typical Donald Trump reaction. In a series of tweets, the Republican pushed back against any talk of mental instability.

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As we know with all geniuses in history, they make a point to tell everyone how “like, really smart” they are and how stable they believe their mind to be.

Claiming it was his “first try” in running for president nullifies the whole genius thing, and certainly opens the door for questions about his mental state. Donald Trump made a failed bid for president in 2000, something he seems to have forgotten.

Abby Phillip of CNN noted the tweet came within minutes of Fox & Friends talking about the issue.

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Not surprisingly, many on Twitter did not agree with the whole “very stable genius” claim. Here’s a few of the reactions to Trump’s absurd narcissism.

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If the goal of these tweets was to stop the questions about his mental state, much like his first bid for president Donald Trump failed spectacularly. If anything, this is just going to pour more questions onto whether the Republican belongs in the office he occupies.

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