Bernie Sanders Keeps The Revolution Alive With New Podcast

YUUGE NEWS: Bernie Sanders Keeps The Revolution Alive With New Podcast

Now You Can Keep Up With the Bernie Sanders Revolution Everywhere You Go

Bernie Sanders was a force to be reckoned with during the 2016 election. If he had become President of the United States, there is no doubt he would have completely revolutionized the government. And, of course, he gained passionate followers who saw his vision as the best way forward and he plans on keeping them energized and in fighting form during the Trump presidency and into the future.

Despite not being able to make a run for the presidency, the 75-year-old Senator is still keeping his “revolution” alive. And part of that effort is a new podcast called ‘The Bernie Sanders Show’ which he unveiled on his Facebook page on April 7.

“Election days come and go, but political revolutions that attempt to transform our society and our politics never end. Listen to ‘The Bernie Sanders Show’ to stay informed on the political revolution, our focus in the fight for a progressive agenda and how Bernie and others are fighting back against the Trump administration and its efforts divide us up.”

As Newsweek reports, so far Bernie Sanders has released three episodes featuring Bill Nye, Josh Fox and Reverend Dr. William Barber. The Nye and Fox episodes focus primarily on one of Sanders’ top issues – climate change. Sanders is none too impressed with Donald Trump’s climate change denial and his efforts to absolutely gut the EPA, and is determined, along with people like pop scientist Bill Nye to educate Americans and emphasize the need to not only take the issue seriously but also to act.

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Civil rights issues, racism, classicism and justice are also issues close to Bernie’s heart, and that’s the focus of his show with activist and religious leader William Barber.

This podcast comes in addition to his streaming internet show of the same name, but it just happens to be a bit more portable for every progressive’s convenience.

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