The Bizarre, Dangerous, And Just Plain Weird Beliefs Of These 10 Stars (VIDEO)

The Bizarre, Dangerous, And Just Plain Weird Beliefs Of These 10 Stars (VIDEO)

The Bizarre, Dangerous, And Just Plain Weird Beliefs Of Stars

YouTube channel is known for their top ten list videos that cover everything from cosplayers to athletes. One of their most recent videos counts down “The Top 10 Celebrities With Crazy Beliefs”. While many of the beliefs, like Kesha’s “haunted” lady parts are bizarre, they are mostly harmless, but a few are cause for concern. Given the influence that celebrities have in our culture, the strange and disturbing and potentially illegal views they promote could be highly problematic.

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson makes the list, and while he’s had many controversies since becoming a reality-TV star including making homophobic and racist remarks, the video chooses a different but equally unsettling comment. Robertson once suggested that the ‘best’ age to marry a women is when she is fifteen or sixteen. Rapper Fat Joe also seems to think that there is a super powerful gay mafia secretly advancing a hidden agenda, too bad they couldn’t use some of that power to combat the wave of anti-LGBT legislation sweeping across the country.

Kylie Jenner also appears on the list because of her belief in chemtrail conspiracy theories.The theory claims that the exhaust trails of planes are actually some sort of government conspiracy to spread poisonous chemicals.

The meme tweeted by Jenner was shared over eleven thousand times and received more than nineteen thousand ‘Likes’. On its own this may not seem devastating, but given that media regularly ignores the genuine issues surrounding climate change and environmental degradation and that the Chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee is hosting climate change denial film premieres in Washington D.C. there is definitely a problem if people are using Jenner as their go-to source for environmental news.

Action star Steven Seagal also makes an appearance on the list claiming that the tragic mass shootings that continue to plague the US are a part of government conspiracy to take away people’s guns. Now, there are a lot of important issues like gun control and mental health to discuss when it comes to mass shootings, the government staging them as a part of a war on the Second Amendment is not one of them.The video features clips from the reality-TV series Steven Seagal: Lawman that followed Seagal during his time as a member of Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s civilian posse. Arpaio is well known for racial profiling policies that cost taxpayers millions of dollars. A judge ruled that Arpaio’s policies not only violated the constitutional rights of those profiled, but that he also  became involved in immigration issues without any “legal basis for doing so. Of course Rick Santorum and his own brand of repugnant crazy turns up, this time its his views on women in combat that  make the cut, though comparing same-sex marriage to 9/11 could have easily been on the list.

For plenty more bizarre beliefs from celebrities including some weird but fun ones like big foot and spare change ghosts check out the video below.

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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A Canadian, currently located in Dublin, Nikita Oliver-Lew has an avid interest in all things political. She has an MSc in Comparative European Politics from Trinity College Dublin and hopes to return to her PhD studies on migration in Europe.