HILARIOUS! Mark Cuban Mocks Koch Brothers Live On CNN, Entire Panel Cracks Up

HILARIOUS! Mark Cuban Mocks Koch Brothers Live On CNN, Entire Panel Cracks Up

Billionaire investor and businessman Mark Cuban had some fun at the Koch brothers’ expense on Thursday by mispronouncing their last name on live TV.

“Oh, what’s that Chris?” asks CNN host Alisyn Camerota, as the camera pans to Cuban filling anchor Chris Cuomo’s chair. “So they need you to leave right now. And we’ve been upgraded here.”

“I got this,” says Cuban, looking into the teleprompter. “Donald Trump said he does not need to raise a ton of money. But he wants his campaign to speak with one of the Cock brothers anyway.”

“Or Koch!” said Camerota, as Cuban laughed. “We’ll edit that out.”

Cuban has been critical of both populist Republican nominee Donald Trump and old-guard Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, telling Fortune that he believes the media are asking the wrong questions of the country’s political candidates.

When asked what the next president can do to improve the economy, Cuban opined “I think we need to create one simple regulatory form for small businesses.:

It could be a website or an app. Fill in the form. Hit submit. Get registered. The data would go into a database. The local governments would use the API to retrieve the information or they could print it out locally.

Very small businesses, particularly trade or skill-driven one or two person shops, get intimidated by, or can’t find, all of the places they are required to register. As a result, they have to spent money they probably don’t have on a lawyer. Or they ignore the registration and licenses and operate on a cash basis outside the system. Both are expensive in one way or another.

WATCH: Mark Cuban Mispronounces ‘Koch’ Brothers

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H/T: David Edwards, Raw Story.

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