Iconic Journalist Dan Rather Eviscerates Trump For Childish Tirade

Iconic Journalist Dan Rather Eviscerates Trump For Childish Tirade

Dan Rather Eviscerates Trump For Childish Tirade

Dan Rather has had enough of Trump’s intimidation of the media.

The journalists and reporters who are being tasked with the responsibility of covering Donald Trump have no easy task. Not only must they try to make sense of Trump’s double-talk and instantaneous flip-flops, but they also must face his harsh bullying and intimidation tactics whenever they simply ask him about it. It’s like observing a child tear their entire house up while the kids’ parents are at work, and then having the kid kick you in the shin and run away the moment you try to explain what happened to the parents. It’s an exhaustive task that took a horrific turn earlier this week when Trump full on blasted the media for reporting the truth.

Iconic journalist Dan Rather, who has covered a wealth of zealots and crazed ideologues in his day, decided to weigh in on Trump’s childish, inane tirade by reminding Trump and his supporters what good journalists are supposed to do.

Regardless of what you may think about Dan Rather’s journalistic integrity, his logic here is fundamentally infallible. Citizens of nations who declare to have a truly free press, demand that the fifth estate inform the electorate while standing up to demagogues and fascists like Trump. The idea that adversarial journalism is inherently adverse to non-biased reporting is simply BS. Not only is it OK for the media to challenge men like Trump, it’s what we should be expecting them to do for all the candidates in the election today, and any future candidate who runs for any form of office tomorrow.

What’s truly frustrating about Trump is that his attack on first amendment rights was used to blind us from the reality that he was misappropriating (and possibly pocketing) funds meant for Veterans. The big story this week should’ve been us questioning why Trump, a self-labelled patriot, found it so easy to manipulate American’s good will to steal money meant for the men and women who defend the country – but, instead he claims headlines by acting like a petulant child.

It’s safe to say that for the good of America and it’s democracy, we need more media members with the mentality of Dan Rather, who fearlessly believe in pursuing truth, regardless of which politician it may upset.

Featured photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images.

Lincoln Anthony Blades is a journalist, an author and a long-suffering Raiders fan.

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