The True Meaning of 'Covfefe' and Why it Perfectly Sums Up the Trump Presidency

The True Meaning of ‘Covfefe’ and Why it Perfectly Sums Up the Trump Presidency

‘Covfefe’ means whatever we want it to mean

‘Covfefe’-It’s the Tweet Typo heard ’round the world. A late night Trump Tweet that was apparently meant to criticize media coverage turned into something completely different.Navigating the nuances of language evolution is a science that takes decades and decades of study. The word ‘gay’ had an entirely different meaning in 1817 than it does today. But the introduction of social media into the way speech and language evolves has become the Warp Drive of Evolutionary Linguistics. In the two days since the tweet appeared a google search for the word returns over a million results.  It seems even President Trump is perplexed about the new word.

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Thousands and Thousands of theories about the word have been floated. Urban Dictionary has 53 pages of submitted definitions for it. Reddit users on the /r/The_Donald/ thread have a theory that it was a secret message to the Afghan people.

Why would Afghanistan be moved by Trump’s vow to stand up to the media? Is he campaigning to be president there too? Make Afghanistan Great Again? Of course, trolling here is not out of the question.The truth is, ‘covfefe’ is like editorial manna from Heaven. It can mean whatever we want it to. We can use it to describe virtually anything having to do with the actions of this president.

In an unprecedented show of ‘covfefe’, President Trump has made the move to repeal Obama care.

President Trump, claiming ‘covfefe’, met with Russian leaders in a closed door session in the Oval Office

With ‘covfefe’ and ‘covfefe’, President Trump told Coast Guard graduates to ‘never give up’

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See how easy that is? In fact, ‘covfefe’ really embodies the Trump presidency so far. It’s nonsense that resembles a word and can be used to fill in any blank. President Trump,by nearly all accounts, is nonsense that resembles a president and can be used to fill in the chair in the Oval Office. He is ‘covfefe’ in a suit and tie.  #Makecovfefegreatagain.


Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

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