Don Jr. just tried trolling a well-known economist and it did not go well

Don Jr. just tried trolling a well-known economist and it did not go well

Donald Trump Jr. Proves Himself Dumber Than A 4th Grader Trying To Correct Economist

The past few days have been, without a doubt, some of the worst for the family of Republican Donald Trump. Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted Trump’s campaign manager and unsealed the guilty plea of a campaign adviser who had lied to the FBI about his connections to Russia.

As if watching his father’s administration crumble before the world wasn’t enough, Donald Trump Jr. decided to dump on himself by displaying his ignorance on Twitter. And he did so by proving he doesn’t know the most basic concepts of math.

Economics Professor Justin Wolfers of the University of Michigan pointed out curious wording from an article on Common Core that read:

Five years into Common Core, many ACT scores below average.

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Wolfers pointed out the obvious problem by writing:

Reporter discovers many test scores are below the average test score. Outrage ensues.

Donald Trump Jr. decided to weigh in where he shouldn’t have and it didn’t go well. He tweeted:

I would imagine that 50% are below average… that’s how math works. The real question is what is average now vs before common core.

Yeah, except that’s not how math works.

Wolfers corrected the man now running Donald Trump’s business by writing:

50% are below the *median*, sunshine.

Mean, median and mode are math terms typically taught as early as 3rd or 4th grade.

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Twitter users were quick to have some fun at Trump’s expense.

Donald Trump Jr. has faced added scrutiny surrounding the Mueller investigation over his meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign last year. The Trump Tower meeting took place after the president’s son was informed in an email the “Crown prosecutor of Russia” was offering “official documents” to the campaign to hurt Hillary Clinton. The email also stated the effort was offered as “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump”.

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Trump Jr. has been interviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the meeting. Senator Chris Coons did not seem to fully believe the information the president’s son provided at the time.

It’s possible Donald Trump Jr. will have to answer some more questions about his time in his father’s campaign. For his sake, he should hope the math questions are kept to a minimum.

Featured image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for FELD Entertainment (cropped).

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