Twitter Thrashes Trump Jr. For Hypocritically Trolling Franken When His Dad is Groper in Chief

Twitter Thrashes Trump Jr. For Hypocritically Trolling Franken When His Dad is Groper in Chief

Donald Trump Jr. Takes A Shot At Franken And Gets Hit Back Even Harder

Minnesota Senator Al Franken announced he would be resigning in the coming weeks earlier today, and it should be no surprise some Republicans are taking parting shots at him. But it might come as surprise to see certain Republicans open their mouths, particularly ones that are so close to our admitted Groper-in-Chief.

One of those people, Donald Trump Jr., decided to take to Twitter and poke at the parting Senator. Franken made his announcement on the Senate floor and directed a statement at the elder Trump during his speech. He stated, “I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office”.

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Trump Jr. clearly didn’t want to waste a chance to try trolling Franken, who is stepping down after numerous women have come forward with allegations of inappropriate behavior. He tweeted:

Unsurprisingly, Don Jr. didn’t get the quote quite right. He becomes the third Trump to make a flub in a Tweet today, following his father misquoting FDR and Melania Trump mistaking the date of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Considering the many allegations against his father and the existence of a tape where he admits sexually assaulting women, this was not a wise debate for Jr. to weigh in on.

Twitter was quick to slam the president’s son for the tweet. And deservedly so.

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Donald Trump Jr. was interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee yesterday regarding his contacts with Russia during the campaign. He cited “attorney-client privilege” in not answering some questions about his conversations with his father at the time because lawyers were on the call. Experts have since slammed that assertion.

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There probably aren’t many people left that think all that highly of Donald Trump Jr. at this point. And making completely ridiculous statements like this isn’t going to do him any favors. But it does show, when it comes to Twitter, the nut certainly didn’t fall far from the tree.

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