Trump mercilessly mocked for not knowing who is the President of the US Virgin Islands

Trump mercilessly mocked for not knowing who is the President of the US Virgin Islands

Donald Trump Met With…Himself?

Republican Donald Trump has made it clear he is not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to world affairs. And, sadly, he isn’t too bright when it comes to the affairs of the country he is currently running.

During a recent speech, he uttered the following:

And I went to Puerto Rico and I met with the president of the Virgin Islands. 

Well, that was certainly nice of him. So, he met with US Virgin Islands President…let me make sure I’m spelling this correctly…President Donald Trump of the US Virgin Islands.

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Both Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands have been struggling with basic needs for citizens since hurricanes devastated the islands. It has been reported over 90 percent of Puerto Ricans are still without power and more than 1 million do not have potable water. The current situation in the US Virgin Islands is roughly the same, as around 90 percent of the island remains without power.

Twitter was not too kind to the Republican’s rather stunning miscue. And considering Trump’s treatment of hurricane victims in the area, the slamming is pretty well deserved.

This comes a day after Donald Trump threatened to pull resources out of Puerto Rico, despite the catastrophic situation Americans continue to face there.

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Trump’s cabinet didn’t fare much better yesterday, either. Energy Secretary Rick Perry mistakenly referred to Puerto Rico as a country during a hearing with the House Energy and Commerce Committee on rebuilding the island’s energy infrastructure. He was quickly corrected by Democrat Kathy Castor of Florida.

This flub by Donald Trump comes roughly one week after telling Americans at an event in the White House for Hispanic Heritage Month that they had “a wonderful president in Mexico”.

It’s days like these that Trump seems to live up to the moniker reportedly bestowed on him by his own Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. And I don’t think many wold question the accuracy of that assessment, at this point.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images (cropped).

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