Fox News Host Falls for Hoax, Internet Roars with Laughter: 'Who's the Fake News Channel?'

Fox News Host Falls for Hoax, Internet Roars with Laughter: ‘Who’s the Fake News Channel?’

Fox News Host Jesse Watters Thinks He Sees A Sharknado-Like Occurrence In Texas

Jesse Watters of Fox News has made more than a few terrible and disgusting segments during his time there. And as a reward for his awfulness, he was given a prime time spot on the network. Needless to say, the terribleness just keeps on coming.

The latest example happened when Watters fell for an Internet hoax while commenting on the ongoing Hurricane Harvey catastrophe. Watters was pointing out just how “Biblical” the flooding seemed, when he brought up something he saw on the Net and took it as fact.

I’ve seen some amazing things out there, just looking at television over the weekend. Alligators on people’s back doorsteps. I saw a shark on the highway swimming in the water…Like ‘Sharknado’.

Watters was referring to a fake picture of a shark seemingly swimming down a highway, a picture that has been used in multiple hoaxes over the years. Looks like fifteen seconds of fact checking was not in the cards at Fox News on this day.

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As you might expect, Twitter was quick to hammer the host for his gullibility with some pretty hilarious responses.

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Some users pointed out a few particularly painful realities for everyone related to our current administration.

The Fox News host took to Twitter himself to apologize for the goof. He stated, “Yesterday, I made a comment about a shark in the floodwaters in Texas. I sincerely apologize if I caused concern or alarm to anyone.” He didn’t bother to acknowledge what he reported wasn’t actually a real thing, however.

Watters recently weighed in on the Confederate participation trophy debate by calling the side that no longer wanted to be Americans “revered historical American leaders”. He doesn’t appear to notice the incredibly obvious problem with that phrase.

Even when a catastrophe is taking place, leave it to Jesse Watters to do something that leaves us all either disgusted or facepalming or both.

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