GESTALT RIGHT: Racist Fascists Freaking Out Because They're The Bad Guys In Star Wars (VIDEO)

GESTALT RIGHT: Racist Fascists Freaking Out Because They’re The Bad Guys In Star Wars (VIDEO)

Altright Floating Loony Conspiracy Theory About Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Members of the altright community, the cleaned up label white supremacists and xenophobes now don, continue to be up in arms about the upcoming film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. There are a number of reasons this group has begun to take aim at Star Wars in general, but the latest complaint completely defies all semblance of logic. The conspiracy theory now put forth is that new anti-PEOTUS Donald Trump scenes were reshot and added to the film in order to simply call him a racist. Yeah, really.

The Young Turks recently covered the insanity and brilliantly shredded the entire argument. They pointed out how a Tweet from one altright member quickly and widely spread through white supremacist channels, despite being utterly false. The Tweet read:

Star Wars writers rewrote and reshot Rogue One to add in Anti Trump scenes calling him a racist. Disgusting. #DumpStarWars

One of the movie’s writers, Chris Weitz, responded to an inquiry about the theory that was later deleted by saying:

The rest of TYT slamming of this ridiculous conspiracy theory is must-see-TV (below).

Some of the writers of the movie have openly criticized white supremacy since the election of Donald Trump and stated the Empire is a white supremacist organization, so it’s not particularly surprising the alt-right has started to whine about it. But conjuring hair-brained theories about how the movie will somehow call Trump a racist is beyond laughable. I’m fairly confident we won’t be seeing an apprentice of Darth Vader with orange skin, bizarre hair and the last name of Trump talking about how Corellians are taking jobs and only sending drug dealers and rapists into the Empire. Or will we…

No, we won’t. Moving on.

Conspiracy theorists have called for a boycott of the movie, which is expected to take in well over a quarter of a billion dollars just in its opening weekend. In other words, their boycott will likely be a…I don’t know…is failcott a word? Or maybe something Star Wars-y. A Death Star thermal exhaust port-o-cott? You get the idea.

Racists, xenophobes and misogynists tend to hate it when the hero of a movie is not a pearly white man, like what they think Jesus looked like but really didn’t. Raw Story compiled a few of the bigoted comments hating on female and black heroes from the franchise and they are just as disgusting as you would expect.

But I suppose there is a silver lining in this boycott by the altright for everyone else. The new blockbuster Star Wars movie can be enjoyed at the theater without the worry of a misogynistic white supremacist loudly mouth breathing behind you. That should make for a better viewing experience of what will likely be a fun time at the movies. And who knows? Maybe that whole Vader apprentice thing will really happen! (Spoiler alert: it won’t.)

Featured image by Mark Mainz/Getty Images.

Watch: [brid video=”84052″ player=”5260″ title=”White Supremacists Super Triggered By New Star Wars”]

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