Hilarity Ensues as Fox News Announces 'Scandalous' Series on Impeachment of... Clinton

Hilarity Ensues as Fox News Announces ‘Scandalous’ Series on Impeachment of… Clinton

Upcoming Fox News Series To Focus On Attempt To Impeach Bill Clinton. Prepping For Trump?

There have been a variety of reasons talk of impeaching a president have come up since racist Republican Donald Trump took office. Whether it’s emoluments, his racism, or obstructing the Russia investigation, the word impeach has never been far from Trump’s name since last January.

So, Fox News has decided to take a deep dive into the issue by doing exactly what you would expect of them: making it all about the Clintons.

The cable network posted a preview of its “Scandalous” series, which will be a “seven-episode installment” describing the lead-up to the “impeachment of President Bill Clinton”.

Clinton was not fully impeached, of course. He was acquitted of all charges in the Senate.

Fox News has infamously downplayed anything related to Donald Trump and the Russia investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. A new report states the channel was aware of accusations by a porn actress against candidate Trump but chose not to run the story, despite an on-the-record source close to woman. Meanwhile, many of the most watched shows on the network have spent stunning amounts of time on anything they can think to accuse the Clintons of.

Twitter users did not let this go unnoticed. And there was plenty of comedy to go along with pointing out the evident hypocrisy.

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Impeachment of Donald Trump is not likely to happen any time soon as his party fully controls Congress. But that could obviously change with a potential blue wave midterm election later this year. Speculation is growing, even among Republican insiders, that Democrats will take the House at the very least. That would likely ensure impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump would get off the ground and maybe even head to the Senate.

And if that happens, coverage by Fox News will likely continue to be incredibly skewed on its biggest shows. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even rerun this upcoming Clinton series when that happens.

In fact, we could probably bank on that…

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