N*zi InfoWars Reporter Gets PWND by Young Girl: 'You're a F**king Idiot' (VIDEO)

N*zi InfoWars Reporter Gets PWND by Young Girl: ‘You’re a F**king Idiot’ (VIDEO)

InfoWars Owen Shroyer Insults Young Girl, She Gives Epic Reaction

When you ask stupid questions, you should expect to be treated accordingly. That’s exactly what happened to InfoWars reporter Owen “The Destroyer” Shroyer recently while talking to people at a protest.

Shroyer, while wearing an “Enjoy Nationalism” tee-shirt with pretty obvious connotations, tried asking a young girl some questions and started his inquiry like a complete asshole. The exchange began:

SHROYER: How are you young man?

GIRL: You’re a fucking idiot.

Shroyer tried to save face by asking the girl where she learned such foul language. The brief exchange ends with the girl flipping the bird to the camera and the InfoWars reporter trying to ask why he’s an idiot. Apparently he didn’t notice the stupidity of his own question.

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As one might expect, folks on Twitter certainly enjoyed the video. Here are some of the best responses to this awesomeness.

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Again, when you ask idiotic questions, be prepared to be called an idiot. One would think InfoWars reporters would be used to this by now…

Featured image a composite via Twitter screen caps (Fair Use). 

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