Johnnie Walker Reminds Trump What America Is Really About In Brilliant Ad

Johnnie Walker Reminds Trump What America Is Really About In Brilliant Ad

Johnnie Walker Wants America To Know…Immigrants Are American

In case you needed a reason to knock back some Johnnie Walker whisky, take a look at this ad.

In an obvious celebration of diversity, with a focus on Latino culture and heritage, Johnnie Walker reminds America what makes us great – and exhorts us to keep walking. The band is called Chicano Batman. And in the spot, the four men celebrate their culture and diversity and their American-ness by singing Woody Guthrie’s iconic song, “This Land Is Your Land.”

The song is sung with pure joy, the performers literally dancing through the streets of Los Angeles – and down a bar top, in and out of a classic car. They make the song sound good, and the whisky look even better.

“This song’s message has never been more timely, and we hope our version continues to inspire people to keep walking towards their dreams and to celebrate each other,” said Chicano Batman frontman Bardo Martinez.

And that one line, sung in Spanish? It translates to this:

“There’s no one that can stop me on the way to liberty. There’s no one who can make me go back, this land is for you and for me.”

And They Are Here To Stay

It’s certainly a signal to others that the band, and the millions like them, are here to stay.

This isn’t the first amazing ad released by Johnnie Walker. In an ad that went up on Youtube on November 7, just a day before the election, the whisky company captured perfectly the beauty of a country that doesn’t deny its own diversity, but instead, embraces and celebrates it. The tone is much more somber than the first, but the message is similar – and equally as powerful.

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And again, that old Woody Guthrie song is reinterpreted into an anthem for immigrants.

“Esta tierra es para ti y para mí.”

Yes, it is. And we will be a much better country when we remember just that. Cheers to you, Johnnie Walker!

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