Watch Jon Stewart give Trump ruthlessly funny 'equal time' on Colbert's Late Show

Watch Jon Stewart give Trump ruthlessly funny ‘equal time’ on Colbert’s Late Show

Late Night Legends Stewart And Colbert Give Trump ‘Equal Time’, But It’s Probably Not The Time He Wanted

Over the weekend, Republican Donald Trump decided to complain multiple times about the coverage him and his fellow Republicans have been getting from the media. He specifically targeted “late night host” in one of his Tweets. Fortunately for the president, a couple of veteran late night hosts, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, decided to oblige him.

On Monday night’s The Late Show, Stephen Colbert heard Trump’s plea for equal time and had an idea of how to give it to him. He brought out Jon Stewart to speak for the Republican after each joke Colbert made at Trump’s expense.

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After first pointing out equal time is not how any of this works in regards to the president or the government in general, Colbert went into his bashing and then asked Stewart to “Be positive”. (Full video below)

STEWART: (Whispers to Colbert) Can I have more time?

COLBERT: We gotta get going. Just say something positive.

STEWART: Donald Trump…(long pause)…is not a cannibal.

The hosts later took a dig at both Trump and the recently disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

COLBERT: On Friday, Trump made it easier for employers to deny women birth control. Pretty soon, the only contraceptive women will have is his face.

STEWART: Donald Trump is great to women.




STEWART: Better than Harvey Weinstein.

COLBERT: Maybe. I’d fact-check that.

A clip of Donald Trump making his ridiculous “calm before the storm” comment in front of military personnel last week was shown. At that point, Stewart completely lost his cool and ripped into Trump, forcing Colbert to be positive. He fails to defend just as hilariously as the former Daily Show host.

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Trump chose to throw this fit despite numerous disasters still taking place across the country, such as the devastating fires in California that have killed at least 11 people. He also chose to renew his attacks on the NFL and even sent Vice President Mike Pence on a staged show of hatred for anyone protesting injustice in the broken justice system. Pence took the trip despite the Trump administration facing massive criticism and numerous investigations for wasting taxpayer dollars with expensive and unnecessary air travel.

So, Donald Trump got his equal time on Monday night. It’s not clear whether he’ll want any more after this hilarious roasting.

Featured image via YouTube screen cap (Fair Use). 

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