Jon Stewart SHREDS 'F—kface Von Clownstick' Trump At Charity Event (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart SHREDS ‘F—kface Von Clownstick’ Trump At Charity Event (VIDEO)

When Jon Stewart ripped into Donald Trump at a charity event on Tuesday night, it reminded us of what we’ve lost now that he no longer hosts The Daily Show. While Jon Oliver and Samantha Bee have then own hilarious programs, I still miss Jon Stewart.

Stewart gloriously decimates Trump

And let me tell you, Stewart was in fine form at the “Stand Up for Heroes” event. He zinged Trump for whining about the election being “rigged” against him.

He was truly hilarious:

“Dude, you live in a tower with your name on it in gold,” Stewart said. “How well would you be doing if the man wasn’t keeping you down?

“I’m not in the game anymore. I’m not much of a political analyst,” the beloved comedian said. “But if I could ask you a question that I’ve been saying to my television, it’s ‘What the f–?’ What the f—is going on? What is happening?”

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He admitted he was shocked that the now infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape featuring the real estate mogul’s crude and aggressive remarks about women didn’t deliver the election to Hillary Clinton.

“I thought when a guy got off a bus and says, ‘I’m going to grab her on the p–,’ then Okay, we’re done. The election is over.”

And really, isn’t that what most of us thought?

“Usually this is a signifier that we don’t have to pay attention anymore.”

Stewart was on fire

“Then the FBI jumps in, and all of a sudden there’s a whole new thing the FBI’s investigating again. Why would they even jump in there? And then it goes back to Anthony Weiner?

“This is insane. … As a writer, honestly, the first woman president, and she’s taken down by Bush and Weiner — like, that’s just bad writing.”

And he remembered his 2013 Twitter fight with Trump.

Stewart noted Trump tweeted that he was “overrated.” And in this case, Trump brought out his inner Drumpf.

“If Jon Stewart is so above it all and legit, why did he change his name from Jon Leibowitz? He should be proud of his heritage.”

“So I start to think to myself, oh, I think this guy is trying to let people know I’m a Jew,” Stewart quipped, “And I think to myself, doesn’t my face do that?”

He continued:

“It would be funny if it wasn’t so toxically crude and horrible. So I decide to tweet back at him: ‘Many people don’t know this, but Donald Trump’s real name is F—kface Von Clownstick. I wish you would embrace the Von Clownstick heritage.”

And when you consider that Drumpf is a white supremacist who’s also allied himself with white nationalist fascists, and has a family history of involvement with the Ku Klux Klan because of his father, it becomes apparent he’s also anti-Semitic as well.

So Jon Stewart rocks on, telling his audience with a laugh:

“You remember, by the way, Lincoln used to get into this s—t all the time with people.”

At the end of his show, he advised his audience to “vote wisely this Nov. 8.” So that hopefully, we won’t have President “F—kface Von Clownstick.”

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

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