Kellyanne Conway Suffers a Hilarious Attack of the Memes after Ridiculous Flash Card Stunt

Kellyanne Conway Suffers a Hilarious Attack of the Memes after Ridiculous Flash Card Stunt

Kellyanne Conway Pulls Stupid Stunt Regarding Russia Collusion Story And The Meme Makers Answer

It goes without saying Kellyanne Conway has had some disastrous television appearances during her brief tenure in the White House. The adviser to Donald Trump came through with another calamity last night during an appearance on Fox News. And it didn’t take long for the Internet to go to work making fun of her newest absurd stunt.

During an interview with Sean Hannity, Conway decided to treat his audience like a bunch of first graders. She attempted to shut down talk of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia after the bombshell revelations surrounding Donald Trump Jr.’s admission he was willing to accept dirt on Hillary Clinton that came from the Russian government. And she tried address this incredibly serious situation with…flash cards. Wait, what?

Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump’s White House.

Worth noting a key, let’s call it, slip of the tongue in what she said.

This is to help all the people at home. What’s the conclusion? Collusion? No. We don’t have that yet. I see illusion and delusion. So, just so we’re clear everyone. Four words: Conclusion? Collusion. No. Illusion. Delusion. Yes.

Yet? “We don’t have that yet.” Okay. Maybe we’ll get there. Maybe we won’t. We’ll see.

But if there is one thing you should never do on television, it’s hold up cards that will inevitably end up as an endless meme. Twitter was quick and hilarious with the responses. This first one hits the nail on the head.

Yes, you will. Here are a few amazing takes on the latest awful appearance by Kellyanne Conway.

Some took time to give us a reminder of the truly important things going on in Congress right now.

And some went…well, another direction.

Kellyanne Conway was reportedly given a slap on the wrists by the White House earlier this year following one particular mishap. After violating government rules by promoting Ivanka Trump’s merchandise during another Fox News appearance, she was “counseled on that subject” by the administration for her inappropriate actions. Upon further review of the potential ethics violation, an even less harsh penalty was placed on her: nothing.

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As much as this White House wants to make light of the situation, the Russia story is not going away. And considering this week’s revelations surrounding Donald Trump Jr. and his newly admitted meeting, it is only going to intensify.

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