Mitch McConnell Team Posts Gleefully Trolling Tweet as Trump-Bannon Feud Explodes

Mitch McConnell Team Posts Gleefully Trolling Tweet as Trump-Bannon Feud Explodes

As Trump And Bannon Publicly Feud, Mitch McConnell Campaign Team Smiles

A lot of days have been rather crazy during the first year of the Republican Donald Trump administration. But today has been one of the craziest as Trump and his former strategist Steve Bannon have conducted a wildly vicious public feud, culminating in a stunningly degrading statement from the president. And one group of people relishing the moment: Team Mitch McConnell.

The day began with explosive excerpts from an upcoming book with statements from Bannon calling the infamous Trump Tower meeting “treasonous” and “unpatriotic”. The meeting took place during the campaign and included Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner expecting dirt on Hillary Clinton from Russia.

The notoriously thin-skinned Trump needed just a few hours before responding in the most Trumpian way. He released a statement saying Bannon had “lost his mind”, wasn’t a significant part of the campaign or the administration, and essentially called him a liar.

Trump also blamed Bannon for the stunning Republican loss of a Senate seat in deeply red Alabama last month. This has been a particularly sore spot for people associated with Mitch McConnell, who clearly did not want any part of alleged pedophile Roy Moore.

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Former McConnell chief of staff, Josh Holmes, has been a very vocal critic of Bannon over the election upset. He has stated Steve Bannon has done “an enormous amount of damage to the Republican party”. In regard to the Alabama race, he blasted the Bannon-backed candidacy of Moore in the harshest terms.

“If I had the top five Republican minds in politics and we spent three months attempting to conceive of a way to lose an Alabama Senate race, I’m not sure that we could come up with it…You could literally take any name out of a phone book except Roy Moore’s and win by double digits. And we managed to get the only guy in Alabama that could lose to a Democrat.”

So, how did Team Mitch McConnell respond to the dumpster fire that is the Trump-Bannon feud today? With a wordless tweet trolling the whole thing minutes after the release of Trump’s statement.

That’s right. As portions of the Republican party are eating themselves in an embarrassing public feud, the GOP Senate Majority leader’s campaign is enjoying every minute of it.

And many on Twitter were quick to join in on the fun, while getting in a few jabs at McConnell.

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It’s abundantly clear there is no love lost between Mitch McConnell and Steve Bannon. And there’s no telling where the Donald Trump feud with his former chief strategist is headed.

But we can certainly enjoy this part of the calamity for at least a while. Team Mitch is definitely doing that.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

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