October Surprise! 'Michael Moore In Trumpland' Opens In Theatres Nationwide

October Surprise! ‘Michael Moore In Trumpland’ Opens In Theatres Nationwide

Trumpland, The Film Nobody Saw Coming

Earlier this year, Michael Moore began to travel with his one man show, “Live From Trump And Clinton Land.” However, in Ohio he ran into issues as theaters there blocked his performances. But, he has now had the last laugh. He has taken the footage from his shows, and turned them into a new documentary, “Michael Moore in Trumpland.”

Its first showing is October 18th, at 9:30pm, at the IFC Center in New York, with general shows beginning the following day.

Always Controversial.

Michael Moore’s film history includes such notable works as Roger and Me, Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko, Canadian Bacon, and Where To Invade Next, winning the Oscar for his documentary Bowling for Columbine and an Emmy for his television series TV Nation. His work ignores typical political lines, and has been a harsh critic of both Democratic and Republican policies over the years. Bowling for Columbine harshly criticized President Bill Clinton’s welfare reform and militarization of work programs, while Fahrenheit 9/11 focused on President George Bush’s poor handling of the 9/11 terror attacks and their aftermath.

Michael Moore has spawned a plethora of rebuttal films, typically conservative, who use imaginative titles as “Michael Moore Hates America” or “Fahrenhype 9/11” to try and discredit his work. However, they never quite seem to do the job, relying instead on presumptions, omissions, and simple fabrications in a failed attempt to discredit the filmmaker.

Now In Theatres

It has come as a complete shock not that Michael Moore is discussing this years election, but rather that this new documentary was assembled in secret, and released without significant pre-release marketing. Clearly, he intends to use the shock of its sudden appearance to drive people to the theater, and hopefully avoid voting for Donald Trump.

Trumpland, appearing out of the blue with only three weeks to go before the election, is yet another Surprise in an October full of them. What else can happen over the next three weeks?
Cover image by Gatzbee’s Saloon

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