News Anchor Suspended For Daring To Criticize KellyAnne Conway's 'Alternative Facts' (VIDEO)

News Anchor Suspended For Daring To Criticize KellyAnne Conway’s ‘Alternative Facts’ (VIDEO)

A veteran Philadelphia news show host was suspended after commenting on KellyAnne Conway’s “alternative facts” remarks, the Hill reports. The reprimand happened after Alex Holley, who co-hosts Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia, asked Mike Jerrick and two guests what Conway meant by the remarks she made on Meet The Press.

“Alternative facts. Is that going to be a new one?” Jerrick asked. “She’s good at bullshit.”

And although he was merely saying what most of us already know, Jerrick, who has more than 20 years experience as a news man, has been suspended for an “indefinite period.” Conway used the term while defending White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who inaccurately claimed President Donald Trump’s inauguration was “the most watched, both in person, and around the world.”

Those on the set had a good chuckle before Holley and Jerrick apologized to their audience and the anchor corrected himself to say “BS.”

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Jerrick, 67, was not on the show Wednesday or Thursday, and Philadelphia Magazine later reported he has been suspended from the show for an indefinite period. He confirmed the suspension to the magazine.

In a statement, Fox Television Stations said it was dealing with the situation, but provided few details.

“This is not in line with FOX Television Stations guidelines,” it said.

Talking Points Memo notes that Jerrick’s suspension was due to the language he used and wasn’t politically motivated. And indeed, one source noted:

“You can’t be vulgar on TV.”

You can watch the fun in the video below.

[brid video=”109317″ player=”5260″ title=”Mike Jerrick Slams Kellyanne Conway With Blurted Admission “She’ Good at Bullshit!””]

Featured photo by Kevin Hagen/Getty Images

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