OMG! Srsly Must Watch Cartoon Totally Nails Everything Wrong With Trump's 'Merica (VIDEO)

OMG! Srsly Must Watch Cartoon Totally Nails Everything Wrong With Trump’s ‘Merica (VIDEO)

Political Cartoon Perfectly Hits On Everything Awful About The Rise Of Donald Trump

Skewering Republican Donald Trump and his bungling administration has become a form of therapy for those of us watching the awfulness of this regime. The many follies of this amateurish group have left no shortage of material for the people in the business of political comedy. And a new video from the political cartoonists at The Nib encompasses so much of what has become such a crazy political climate in America.

The video (posted below), titled “Take Me To Your Nazis” and published by Topic, begins with a mad scientist sending an Adolf Hitler-era soldier into the future to present day America. He ends up at a typically small white nationalist rally in front of a recently removed Civil War participation trophy. The soldier quickly realizes the Thousand Year Reich is not what he and his fellow racial supremacists had dreamed about.

The video takes a shot at the Sunday political talk shows with a “This week on ‘Sunday Hot Takes'” segment. It starts with the host asking his guest to do what every Sunday host could ask of their guests every week.

Jill, just blurt out the first garbage opinion that comes to mind. 

The host ends with his final guest, “Literal Nazi Pundit”. The pundit bears a striking resemblance to a certain white nationalist who has gained a lot of prominence during the emergence of Donald Trump. And his commentary hits on a part of what is so wrong about the rise of Trump.

We live in strange times. Here I am, for instance, a literal Nazi being taken seriously. 

The video then gets to the true comedy gem. We see Vice President Mike Pence having dinner with “Mother” and telling his version of the legendary “Aristocrats” joke. For those that don’t know, the usual version of the joke starts and ends the same but the middle is typically filled in with the filthiest and most disgusting acts mankind could possibly conjure.

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In cartoon Mike Pence’s version, however, Donald Trump comes in and tells the mostly true story of his run to the White House culminating with him disrespecting the Constitution as only he might.

We get one last hilarious look at the Nazi time traveler at the very end that’s well worth the wait. Enjoy!

Featured image via Twitter (Fair Use). 

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