HILARIOUS: The Onion 'Leaks' Massive Trove of Secret Trump 'Documents'

HILARIOUS: The Onion ‘Leaks’ Massive Trove of Secret Trump ‘Documents’

The Onion Mocks Trump in Hilarious Document Trove

The Onion has really outdone itself this time. The online satirical publication released a “trove” of “leaked documents” from an “anonymous source” that detail the inner workings of the Donald Trump White House. Calling them “The Trump Documents,”–perhaps a nod to 2016’s massive leak of the Panama Papers–The Onion published hundreds of pages worth of “documents” satirizing everything from presidential briefings and drafts of executive orders to email threads between the president and his Russian handlers or CEOs trying to curry favor. As with the best satire, the jokes cut close to the bone.

One of the highlights is an email chain between Trump and Boeing CEO Dennis Mullenberg. In the satirical exchange, Trump demands a marble interior for the new plane he’s commissioning from Boeing. Mullenberg tries to work with Trump, suggesting synthetic marble or other high end materials. Trump becomes increasingly adamant that the plane must be made of marble.

In another sequence, The Onion provides satirical drafts of an executive order. The first one is dated January 20th, the day Trump was sworn in. The first draft begins with “ESTABLISHING DONALD J. TRUMP AS THE LEGITIMATE 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.” By the time it gets to its 7th and final draft more than two weeks later, the president is calling for extreme measures to force everyone to support him.

Another hilarious bit is the presidential briefings, which look like the puzzles and coloring for children on the back of a restaurant place mat.

The Onion‘s trove is a great display of satire that underlines some of the most infuriating aspects of the Trump administration, while ribbing the president hard. It’s a solid reminder of why being able to poke fun at the powerful is a key part of free speech.

Click here to see The Onion‘s whole trove of “Documents.”

Featured image via The Onion, “The Trump Documents” download

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