Crazy Hannity Tells NBC to Learn Journalism From...NBC? Internet LOL's Loud and Hard

Crazy Hannity Tells NBC to Learn Journalism From…NBC? Internet LOL’s Loud and Hard

Fox News Star Sean Hannity Wants Conspiracy Theorists At NBC News to Learn From NBC News?

If there is one thing the talking heads of Fox News continue to be concerned about, it’s the hypothetical presidency of Hillary Clinton. In some of their minds, she’s still the key political figure to be targeting and there is nothing more important going on than all things Clinton. The prime example of this has been the coverage of network star Sean Hannity.

The primetime host has not taken his eye off the ball of the nonexistent Clinton regime for one second during the unpopular actual presidency of Republican Donald Trump. He’s even let the words “President Clinton” slip out of his mouth on occasion.

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Today, in his mission to further damage the Clinton presidency, Hannity came across the exclusive story by NBC News related to the Uranium One deal. FBI agents are being interviewed to decide whether a special counsel should be appointed to investigate the matter. Hannity’s own network has debunked the “scandal”, but the Trump administration certainly wants a distraction from the already-appointed special counsel getting guilty pleas and arresting his associates.

Sean Hannity clearly admired the piece of journalism he saw and decided to tweet out the link to the story. He also took a dig at his competitors over alleged “fake news” in the message. There was just one problem with who he called out and how he did it. See if you can spot it.

Yeah, you conspiracy theorists at NBC News! Why don’t you guys learn how to do real journalism from these real professionals at…*adjusts glasses, squits*…NBC News!?

As you might imagine, Twitter quickly noticed the silliness and had some fun pointing it out to Hannity.

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Sean Hannity is relentless in his pursuit of the corrupt presidency of Hillary Clinton. And with this dogged reporter on the case, I’m sure approximately no one involved in the deal is losing any sleep right now.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

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