Stephen Colbert And Joe Biden Sit America Down For A Hilarious 'Dad Talk' About Donald Trump

Stephen Colbert And Joe Biden Sit America Down For A Hilarious ‘Dad Talk’ About Donald Trump

The Dads Have A ‘Family Meeting’ To Talk About Incoming Trump Administration

Democratic Vice-President Joe Biden joined late-night funnyman Stephen Colbert for a hysterical segment most of the United States needs right now. The unconventional comedy team sat America down for a “dad talk” about the upcoming administration of Republican president-elect Donald Trump. The video is filled with some tough love, some inspiring talk, some skewering of Trump, and plenty of jokes in between. And as an added bonus, an apparent slip-of-the-tongue by “Papa” Biden.

Early in the video, the dads do a little scolding about the use of uncouth language:

Colbert: We overheard you using some salty language the other day. 

Biden: We know you’re better than that. We don’t want to hear those swear words from you. Hogwash. Baloney. Malarkey-

Colbert: -Joe! We are on CBS! They’re going to have to bleep half of that.

Biden: I’m sorry. Hey look, I’m so gosh damn disa…DARN disappointed. 

At that point, Colbert has to stifle a laugh and Biden quickly realizes his mistake. It takes the two a few seconds to get back on track as everyone enjoys the moment.

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In a metaphor about mowing the lawn, Colbert takes a good little dig at Trump:

Colbert: Okay, you have to always do your best to mow the lawn. It doesn’t matter that somebody else is about to get the job of mowing the lawn after you even though, as far as you can tell, that person has never touched a lawnmower in his life.

They finished with a funny little talk about the birds and the bees. Enjoy!

Featured image YouTube screenshot (Fair Use).

Watch: [brid video=”83453″ player=”5260″ title=”Family Meeting With Vice President Joe Biden”]

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