Trevor Noah Hilariously Skewers Ann Coulter for Tantrum: She's 'Airplane Rosa Parks'

Trevor Noah Hilariously Skewers Ann Coulter for Tantrum: She’s ‘Airplane Rosa Parks’

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Trolls Ann Coulter Anger At Delta: ‘All Legroom Matters’

If you haven’t heard, Ann Coulter had a sad this past weekend. After having to switch seats on a Delta flight, the conservative commentator threw a social media tantrum at the airline that probably got more attention than anyone would have expected. The company eventually responded appropriately and offered a refund for her troubles. Coulter has been the butt of many jokes since the incident. But Trevor Noah and The Daily Show may have put together the best lampooning of the situation in a segment last night called “All Legroom Matters”.

After recounting with news clips that Coulter had to move to a seat in the same row despite paying for an upgrade in room, Noah started the deadpan fun (video below):

People, this is the civil rights struggle of our generation. How long will white women be asked to move to the back of – well, not the back but just slightly over two seats. Ann Coulter is basically airplane Rosa Parks. 

Noah later brings in The Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. pretending to report from the United Nations. Wood says an emergency session of the Human Rights Council was taking place to address the travesty. All other business dealing with “sex trafficking” and “child soldiers” was put on hold to deal with Coulter’s predicament. Wood then humorously goes on the defense for the conservative.

Ann picked her seat in advance. It was an agreement binding by the Geneva Convention and all that is holy. Look, me and Ann are as different as night and day. Black and white, as one might say. But in this situation, I stand with my fellow frequent flyer. I stand with Ann! All legroom matters, Trevor!

Noah then shows a series of clips of Ann Coulter complaining about other victims who complain about anything she likes and supports. The clips culminate with a Coulter appearance on Fox News claiming “victims are the biggest bullies in the country now”.

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There probably weren’t many people sympathizing with Coulter after her Twitter tirade. And it’s unlikely time will change that. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop making fun of her for it.

Ann Coulter and many of her conservative brethren have taken to calling people on the left “snowflakes” for standing up to various problems around the world. But with childish tantrums like this over nothing, it’s pretty clear she need go no further than a mirror to find a snowflake to channel her anger toward.

Featured image via YouTube screen cap (Fair Use). 


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