Trump Couldn't Win An Emmy Playing Trump On TV, But Alec Baldwin Certainly Did

Trump Couldn’t Win An Emmy Playing Trump On TV, But Alec Baldwin Certainly Did

The Emmy Award Donald Trump Always Wanted? Alec Baldwin Just Won It… Playing Trump On SNL

The world of television has given us two truly legendary impersonations of Donald Trump in the past year. Anthony Atamanuik on Comedy Central’s The President Show is certainly one of them, while Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live is unquestionably the other.

Last night, the latter of these two great Trump impersonators was honored with an Emmy Award. Alec Baldwin was named the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy last night for his brutally hilarious — and frighteningly realistic — impression of the 45th President.

But that’s not the truly great thing that happened in that moment. You see, there’s another famous television personality who has appeared on television as Donald Trump, but that person never won an award for the role. And he’s been pretty vocal with his displeasure over having never won an Emmy for playing Trump on TV.

That disgruntled, hostile television celebrity? Donald Trump.

Trump was nominated twice for Emmy Awards through his reality television show The Apprentice, in 2004 and again in 2005, but he never won. And this being Donald Trump being denied something he wants, I’m sure most of you can guess how “The Donald” took that news: temper tantrums and conniption fits are no strangers to America’s oldest, grumpiest man-toddler.

During last year’s final Presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton, Trump rather ridiculously claimed that the Emmy Awards were “rigged” and that he “Should’ve gotten it,” meaning the Emmy.

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You’d think that was the lowest moment of a Presidential debate in 2016. But this is the part where I remind you that Trump once talked about his penis during a debate last year, too. Whatever the lowest point is, Donald Trump always finds a way to limbo-dance beneath it.

Trump Is No Fan of Alec Baldwin, Either

Alec Baldwin opened his acceptance speech with an acknowledgment — and a pretty solid burn — that Trump was heartbroken over having never won an Emmy Award. Well, maybe not “heartbroken.” I suppose it’s more like “pile of rotten orange peels drenched in expired ranch dressing-broken.”

“I suppose I should say, at long last Mr. President – here is your Emmy.”

As of this article being written, Trump hasn’t taken to Twitter to bash Baldwin for the statement, or to reiterate his belief that the Emmy Awards were “rigged” against him. But Trump is no stranger to dissing Alec Baldwin over his portrayal on SNL.

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This is usually the part where Trump supporters claim that The Donald having resisted his obvious urges to light up Twitter with hostility toward Alec Baldwin and the Emmy Awards is proof that Trump can behave himself. That’s apparently the bar America has set for presidential behavior, thanks to the Trump administration.

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